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Bug Report 0.9.05 Viewer Glitches?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Austin Tate, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Austin Tate

    Austin Tate Member

    Installed 0.9.05 as my main viewer for the live server as well as creator/curator and I note a few glitches.

    A few times when using the Home Tab to go to my spaces it will not allow me to go to a new entry (that is enabled)... and I have seen a message saying I am already in the target region when I am not.

    Shop... I looked at "Robot Kyle" advertised as free (no silver and no gold?). I can preview it when set as a male avatar (it does not show when as a female avatar) but not buy it. When I hit the "Alternative Variants" icon it kept flashing Loading Clothing Pattern... and stuck at that. I had to kill the viewer process.

  2. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks - tagging @Allen to take a look.
  3. Austin Tate

    Austin Tate Member

    Still with viewer 0.0.05 on Live... I see this lockup with any Store item where I click on the "Alternative Styles" icons I think. Just saw it when looking at "Speed Lines" icon when using a Female outfit base and only Male appeared in the store. Alternative Styles icon was the obvious think to click to see if a female variant was available.. and then te viewer locked up with "Loading Clothing Pattern..." banner flashing on and off. had to terminate the viewer process to get out.

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