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An FBX bug in both 3DSMAX and Blender

Discussion in 'General' started by James Stallings, Nov 12, 2016.

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  1. James Stallings

    By:James StallingsNov 12, 2016

    Sep 28, 2016
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    Thanks to angemenges for the quotes


    [3:08:06 PM] angemenges: There is an FBX export problem in 3DS Max which can exist also in blender
    [3:08:48 PM] angemenges: Here is the solution I found for Max
    [3:09:08 PM] angemenges: For animated meshes, but it can also work with ANYTHING, you can simply rotate the pivot master. If you didn't made any master or if, as an example, you have "multiple" part animated separately, you should first create a dummy and then link all the roots asset to that single dummy. It will also ensure that everything will rotate without any errors in the translation. Then, you select the dummy (which you should rename with the name of your asset), select the Hierarchy menu (a white square with 3 with square under it), click on the Pivot tab, click on "Affect Pivot Only" so that it's blue/activated. Then you rotate the dummy 90/0/0 with the world Coordinate system selected.(DON'T do it manually. Simply enter the number 90 in the bottom coordinate/rotation field. A single 0.001 degree of difference can means huge problem, which happen often when moving the meshes manually.) Then click again on "Affect Pivot Only" to disable the option. After, if you want to make sure everything is fine, look at the (WorldCoordinate) rotation of the dummy which should now be at 90/0/0. Change the dummy rotation to zero and it should face upward.
    Export the FBX with the axis conversion at "Y-UP" and once inside Unity, everything will be find. :)
    That will fix the direction difference in Unity.
    [3:09:26 PM] angemenges: You can encounter the same problem with blender
    [3:10:52 PM] angemenges: In fact the FBX export of the pivot is not right. It seems to be a known problem in unity which have never been corrected