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Announcement: trilo.org (with coverage of SineSpace and tutorials)

Discussion in 'News' started by Trilo, Feb 7, 2019.

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  1. Trilo

    By:TriloFeb 7, 2019
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    Dec 6, 2016
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    I probably could have posted this sooner, but have been busy with testing things and working on website stuff.

    BlakOpal and I are making some significant changes to our web presence in 2019. We've decided to focus the blakopal.com site on real world pursuits (specifically the food & lifestyle stuff), and put the art and technology content on trilo.org! That includes all things SineSpace, from BlakOpal Designs and Trilo Byte Design items, and also the tutorials!

    The posts about our items will give us a chance to go into a little more depth than in-world shop listings, which will be nice. I'm also excited for coverage of other art and technology subjects, but I'm most excited about the tutorials. I'm a believer in the platform, and as things start ramping up I think it will be a great opportunity to help other users and makers get started.

    What's going on over at blakopal.com? Just as we both are fairly experienced artists who have been collaborating on real and virtual world art for the last several years.... we are both fairly experienced cooks. We've been feeding each other and cooking for each other, our friends, campmates, and larger numbers of guests at a festival we participate in.

    For the last couple years, a some of our friends have been encouraging us to 'do something with that' - and so we finally did, in the form of a food and recipe blog. A year-round restaurant, bar, or food truck operation was more of a commitment (and investment) than we were willing to make, but a blog was something we were up for. Organizationally, it made the most sense to separate the art & tech content. Now that's done, and it's full steam ahead on both sites.


    I have a few tutorials and other posts up already, and more is on the way. A few posts are waiting in the wings for Editor Pack 14, and once we get better camera controls I hope to be able to include more video content.

    Check out trilo.org, and if you like please feel free to follow and share as you see fit. Cheers!
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