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Apply for Scripting Access Here

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Hi there,

    As part of EP9, we will be introducing our first script & API runtimes. There will be two betas running concurrently for scripting. If you are interested in getting early access to scripting and are willing to contribute detailed feedback and testing, please put your name down here.

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  2. Yep, count me 'in' :)
  3. Serp

    Serp New Member

    This is what I've been waiting for.
  4. DocYare

    DocYare New Member

    Yes for sure! :p
  5. Jason At CNDG

    Jason At CNDG New Member

    Adding my name to the hat.
  6. ortath

    ortath New Member

    I am experienced in programming and scripting and interested in giving feedback and detailed suggestions, perhaps more, as I will be working with script based experiences in sine space. I also have an interest in helping to creating standards and methods for porting scenes and avatars to different host systems as I mention in my site uavatars.com.

    I will be focusing on many different features at different times. My first suggestion is regarding improving wiki documentation about using provided scripts. For example the vehicle documentation does not say very much about what the "main mesh" is that the box collider should be added to. If a Pickup from a prefab has children objects of TailGate and individual wheels, is the pickup the main mesh even though the wheels are under it in the heirarchy? A graphic showing a vehicle in the heirarchy that works would be useful. Of course some text and suggested values on each attribute should be there as well. I am also wondering if we would consider optionally allowing different physics per region such as Eddy's Vehicle physics.
  7. Falta

    Falta New Member

    Please add me - thank you
  8. joshuatee

    joshuatee New Member

    may I join? :) thanx
  9. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    OK - so good news.

    Scripting is now running - we have however changed the universal (i.e. WebGL/Mobile-compatible) language from Javascript to LUA. The desktop-only language remains as C#. I'll try get a preview release of this slipped into our upcoming 5.5-compatibility release.
  10. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

  11. Pirate Pete

    Pirate Pete New Member

    Adam, is this still open? I'd like to try it out please!
  12. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    No need to apply - it's in the EP9 release. Hop into the skype chat to get EP9's beta. :)

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