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Avatar Perspective & Camera Angles

Discussion in 'General' started by cybertwigs, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. cybertwigs

    By:cybertwigsOct 16, 2016
    New Member

    Oct 8, 2016
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    Hi, I thought I'd bring up the topic of avatar perspectives and camera angles which I think most of us will agree is an important aspect of 3d/virtual presence and can greatly affect the interactive potential and immersivity of a users experience.
    So just going to put up a few points and hopefully start up a more detailed discussion and maybe get some feedback with everyone with the technical background and knowhow.

    1- Re cameras, Adam answered a question I had on skype about whether the avatars camera could be manipulated to the extent of being "fixed" for specific scenarios. He pointed out this can be done using the FocusCamera script, using an in-scene "button" to switch back and forth between the avatars default perspective and your designated camera focus. Which I think opens up a lot of potential for creative purposes and other uses I havent imagined.

    2- There seems to be an issue with the current avatar camera behavior that could do with improvements. This has also been discussed on skype, especially with Michael's vehicle testing, where the camera view is getting caught behind walls and causing visibility/navigating difficulties. It's also noticeable with the avatar moving vehicle-less, especially where there are a lot of rooms/walls etc to maneuver around (like some have tried with The Castle). That camera movement feels like its more suited to specific vehicle scenarios, like race tracks or navigating in wide open spaces where a distanced camera angle wouldnt be problematic. It's also especially difficult because the avatar camera does not only default to a less than ideal angle, but also shifts semi-spontaneously between various zoom distances which, as far as I can see, you cant override while navigating avatar.Which brings us to

    3- Camera perspective and overriding it manually while navigating as avatar. I think its important since a lot of users will want to have a way to override their default perspective, and manually zoom/pan/rotate their camera around an environment. If that does exist already please say how to do it?

    4- It's probably worthwhile looking into the most effective default camera view/angle that is the most practically consistent across a range of scenarios. The impression I get from the research I've seen on the topic is that while 1st person perspectives can potentially increase immersivity, 3rd person perspectives are usually easier for the average-skilled user to navigate with. Many experienced users might also be aware that camera angles that have a steeper, farther, higher angle arent as ideal as "tighter" over the shoulder or centered angles since it also distorts sense of perspective and scale. So it might take some testing to find the ideal default for a camera position that allows ease of use without overly compromising or breaking the sense of immersion, and offers the best visibility and scale, but I think it's worth considering that tweak since it will have an immediate impact on new users initial impressions and experiences with navigating through Space.

    That's all for now, Im sure there will be different opinions and it would be interesting (and hopefully productive) to hear them.
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