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Creator Weekend, Aug 17-19: Info for Creators

Discussion in 'Events' started by ghaelen, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. ghaelen

    By:ghaelenAug 10, 2018
    Sinespace Creator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sep 29, 2016
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    Our Creator Weekend is coming up fast! As mentioned in the Monday updates, we'll have contests that encourage users to purchase items from the shop and enter to win gold.

    So, creators, if you have something nearly ready to add to your store, this a good time to do it! If not, I plan to organize at least two Creator Weekends throughout the year so you won't feel left out.

    (This thread is under continuous construction as I clarify and add info over the next few days)

    Home Space Decorating Contest: This is open to all users.

    Here are the rules for users:

    Entries can use any template and any furniture items, so long as both are in the shop for everyone to buy.** This will allow for a level playing field (and sales are the point!).
    1. Use a template from the shop. Your home space will be judged on the way you decorate the empty template. For example, if the template comes with built-in objects, those objects will not be part of the judging. How you decorate around them shows your skill and that is what will be judged.
    2. Use any furniture items in the shop, either purchased or your own creation you have made available for sale. This includes plants, buildings, artwork, radios/tvs etc. Decorate to your heart's content and add your region to the list of entries!
    3. Feel free to add a picture of your decorated home to the Sinespace Flickr feed!
    Deadline for entering contest: Thursday, 16 August (contacting Ghaelen or DixieChick on the forum, inworld, on skype or on Discord)
    Judging will take place during the weekend. Judges will be Sinespace staff (and guides/assistants not in the contest).

    Tour of decorated regions will take place on Sunday, 19 August just prior to DJRosa's music event.

    **(Regions that are not for sale will have their own contest during the next Creator Weekend. (Jan/Feb of 2019))

    Name Your Creation Best Outfit Contest. (Best Outfit contests are a staple now during major events.) :) Open to all users.

    Here are the rules for users:
    1. Clothing items can be your own creation or in the shop for sale. One of the garments can be original, and not-for-sale, and still be used as an entry. The ensemble is judged, not one item of clothing in particular. It is possible for a user to win wearing clothing that was all purchased with silver. Full avatar replacement costumes will not be judged. We want to see how you mix and match clothing and accessories in a unique way.
    2. Name Your Creation: What did you come as? Or what role are you in? Are you a Knight lost in the Dark? An elf fairy frog princess? A teacher on summer vacation? Think creative about your name as well as your outfit!

    Creators: I encourage you to get your clothing and accessories in the shop by next week!

    Self-Guided Region Tours: Template Tour and Shops Tour

    These will be two self guided tours, one of Template Regions and one of Shop(ping) Regions. There will be a sign for each in the Welcome Center with a list of regions for that particular tour. Some regions are both templates and shops, and if there's room on both signs the regions will be on both lists. If there's not room their prominent function will determine placement (e.g. if it's a template with a few shop items it will be on the template list, if it is a template with a lot of shop items (and vendors) it will be in the shop list.)

    If your template is not the same as the open region we'll consider it an example. If you have several templates in the shop we may ask you to give us the name of the region that best exemplifies the types of templates you offer in the shop.

    The signs will go up in the Welcome Center just before we open the Weekend on Friday the 17th and they'll stay up for a few days after the weekend is over in case users didn't get to visit those regions during the weekend.

    If you have a region that you'd like on the list, please contact me (Ghaelen) or DixieChick here on the forum, inworld, on skype or on Discord.

    Deadline for adding your region to the self-guided tour: I'll try to take region names until Friday noonish Eastern. After that I can't guarantee because I have to create the sign texture and upload it.

    Please be sure your region is open to the public if you ask us to put it on the list. We'll check first to be sure.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018