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Editor Pack 8 - Quests & more

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam, Nov 3, 2016.

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  1. Adam

    By:AdamNov 3, 2016
    Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 21, 2014
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    New (or modified) Components
    • You can now define quests as part of a region upload, use the Quest Designer component to start.
    • Quests allow you to define narratives through your worlds, Quests are a major feature and need additional documentation covering all the sub-features.
    • [Beta Viewer Required] New Streaming Video component allows you to load OGV videos remotely (more formats coming soon)
    • [Beta Viewer Required] New Browser Surface component allows you to embed a web browser onto an attached MeshRenderer
    • New Volumetric Light Source component allows you to create volumetric 'lightshaft' casting lights in your scene (Point and Spotlights only) -- requires the scene to have Atmospheric Scattering enabled via Post Zone component
    • Post Zone component now defaults to 'Global Default Zone' and has support for Anamorphic Lens Flares.
    • Seats have additional options and an improved inspector which demos your animation. New options enable multi-seated vehicles to work better.
    • Vehicle Physics Animator enables you to use Mecanim Animator Controllers on vehicles for animated vehicles (e.g. horses and animals)
    • New Day Night Cycle component replaces the previous version, and adds significant new features
    • [Beta Viewer Required] ClickableActivator now supports networking options
    • [Beta Viewer Required] Scene Background Music now supports OGG as well as MP3 streams
    New Tools
    • Embedded our version of 'Resource Checker' which enables you to check region and object filesizes.
    • Added new 'Dependency Window' which lets you show the dependencies of a select object which will be included in the upload.
    • New 'Recalculate Bounds' tool in Clothing Items for automatically correcting item renderer bounds
    • We now run much more stringent pre-upload validation on items such as clothing which should prevent invalid items from being uploaded
    • Regions now inform users of recommended improvements (e.g. including NavMeshes and Reflection Probes)
    Whitelist Changes
    • RAIN AI tools are now included in our whitelist

    The new 'Space/Tools/Analyse Object Resources' tools has a option to measure compressed sizes - this does not use the same mechanism as on the server, it will however closely match the output filesizes. The 'compression' option can be fairly slow - if you don't use this, we will approximate the filesizes using known conversion ratios for things like DXT compression ratios, however it will not account for additional lossless compression performed over the top. This tool can however be very useful for finding what is consuming your region filesizes.

    Processing Server Changes
    The processing server is being switched to using 'largest output size', instead of 'input size' when reporting region file size for the purposes of pushing regions live (and associated region pricing plans). This should give you significantly more filesize to work with. The processing server will also now email you the processed sizes for each platform as part of the processing completed report.

    As with previous updates, please take a backup of your project first (particularly for this update!) - copying the project directory somewhere safe is always a good idea. Then:
    • Open your project in Unity, and delete the 'SpacePack' folder
    • Import the new Editor Pack .unitypackage over the top
    • You may need to re-login via Space -> Upload Settings before you are able to upload items.
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