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Feature Request Feedback Request - Bundles of items & mixed/random boxes

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Adam, May 30, 2017.

  1. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Hi there,

    We're planning out our implementation of bundles - we want it to handle two separate use cases, as with avatar customisation, I just want to ensure we get all the major use cases from the get-go.

    This is what we've been discussing:
    • Ability to create bundles of items and sell them as a package in the marketplace.
    • Bundles are bought "at the time of sale" - bundles which get new items added later need to be repurchased to get the new contents. (Down the line, we may investigate some kind of 'upgrade pricing' mechanism)
    • Ability to assign probability of a package containing an item, from 0% to 100%, and the ability to set the maximum and minimum number of items a package may contain. (so you can make gatchas / grab bags of items)
    Is there anything else you need/want our bundles support to contain? Let us know below.

  2. Juliein3D

    Juliein3D New Member

    this looks good, question on ability to support controls around reuse of a single item in a bundle, this may be outside this area. Will we be able to have different items, each with controls on the number of instances a buyer can deploy? This would be helpful to have for my soon to be artifacts.
  3. Trilo

    Trilo Member

    Will items included in a bundle (at the time of sale) still be able to automatically update? Here are the main use cases I would envision...

    1 - outfit bundle. This would include pants, shirt, jacket, socks... or a dress and underthings, etc.
    2 - clothing 'value' bundle. This would allow a seller to offer a bundle of multiple versions/copies of a thing for a discounted price (a dress in 5 colors for the price of 3, etc).
    3 - furniture sets. This would allow a seller to offer an easy way for users to buy matched ensembles (couch, chair, coffee table, etc).
    4 - home/region sets. This would make it possible to offer a region for sale that included indoor/outdoor furniture, landscaping items (trees, etc) that the user could then place and move themselves, so the Space was not 'locked'.

    In the case of #4, would it be possible for the region to be uploaded/sold with items placed in the scene that contained items that the customer could either move around or remove/take into inventory at a later time? That would allow a new user to purchase a furnished and landscaped home with a few simple clicks to get started, and then later, as they spend more time (hopefully lots more time) in-world, they can do things like move furniture around, replace the couch or bed with something they like better, etc?

    As long as the items that are contained in any of those sorts of scenarios are able to automatically update when a creator pushes an update to live, I think that would be fine. That way, when a creator adds a feature or improves the texturing or performance of a thing, the customer who purchased something as part of a set has the same experience as a user who purchased an item singly.

    Would it be possible to include a text file or some kind of document with the bundle? This would allow creators to provide more detailed descriptions or instructions for the end user. Ideally I would like to see a text file (or PDF?) that could be included, rather than a link to a URL... that way the bundle can be self-contained and would not be dependent on a separate web site (which can break, get hacked, etc).

    I hadn't even thought about the idea of additional/upgrade offers, but yeah that would make for a great future feature as well.
  4. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Items obtained by the user will always auto-update (regardless of how it's obtained) - you just wouldn't get new items added to a bundle after it was bought.

    Re: #4 - we discussed this while we were building it, I think the plan was 'We'll do it once we get a bit of time' since it's a little more complex. It /could/ be done though thinking about it. A little hackery might be required, but as long as the user owned the items, I think it could be done.

    Re: documents - we could potentially make a new asset type for 'documents' - probably using some kind of basic HTML styling too. Not sure how much work that'd be. Not much I don't think. Have to ask @Allen - I did however in response to Spiral's request in the notecard thread, add support for Release Notes, and Instructions/Documentation as extra fields on virtual goods today; so potentially some things could go there too; that'll be accessed off the menu when you click a inventory item.
  5. Trilo

    Trilo Member

    That would be HUGE, descriptions, release notes, and even contact info (so customers know who to report issues to) would be great.
  6. Austin Tate

    Austin Tate Member

    I support the idea of store bundles.. for eample to package up as a single sale an outfit with many attachment parts. I have in mind for example a diving suit with abiut 8 parts, helmet, tanks, flippers, dive belt, watch, etc. At present the user will have to find and purchase all those parts separately.

    It would be good if the bundle was also presented on some simple way in the inventory, rather than the many parts being scattered.

    Being able to include a text file in a bundle would also be useful, to give credits, information, links, etc. I see the instructions/documentation fields in the items now, so will go back and fill some of those in.
  7. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    I have good news, bundles have been implemented now I believe, and should be out soon. :)
  8. Lex4art

    Lex4art Member

    I have good use for asset bundle feature - three versions of same floor lamp. Can't find guide how to do this bundle stuff, though - is it somewhere around?

    Upd: whoops, did not update to 10.8 my Space items project... just a minute..
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  9. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Hey, not yet - new features!

    Quick guide:
    - Make a new empty gameobject, add 'Virtual Good Bundle' and 'Virtual Good' components (need both).
    - On the Virtual Good, set the 'Type' to 'Bundle'. Fill out the new item for your bundle.
    - On the bundle, set the Groups to '1'; keep the mode as 'Standard', keep 'max probability' at 0, set items in bundle to 3
    - Add each item ID (from curator.sine.space) as a separate entry
    - Upload as per normal
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