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Help with Landscape Auto Material

Discussion in 'General' started by Steve Tiratzo, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Steve Tiratzo

    Steve Tiratzo New Member

    I have been playing around with it, but with a few issues. There is no parallax displacement taken advantage of like other terrain assets commonly use. For example if I upload environment package and use it in my project it stops working until I remove that entire package from the project. Also I can't seem to scale terrain large than 1.0 x1.0 with LAM. I was just wondering if there was away around these issues.
  2. Steve Tiratzo

    Steve Tiratzo New Member

    Also just a heads up on what type of help you may get from their support. This is my message to LAM support along with they error message i got

    I just bought Landscape auto material today and when I try to use it I get this message in Unity I have windows 10 on my pc
    ( There are inconsistent line endings in the 'Assets/Plugins/LandscapeAuto Material/Shaders/Foliage/Lam_Foliage.cginc' script. Some are Mac OS X (UNIX) and some are Windows. This might lead to incorrect line numbers in stacktraces and compiler errors. Many text editors can fix this using Convert Line Endings menu commands.)

    This is the response I received back from LAM support.

    Hi, Steve!
    Thanks for the heads-up, but this message is harmless and does not indicate any sort of error (except for a bit of editing sloppiness on our part). It certainly does not make LAM unusable. Do you have any other problems?

    It wasn't much help on how to fix this issue because all the function were disabled until all compiler errors were fixed.

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