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How much Unity will work

Discussion in 'General' started by 8-bit Biologist, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. 8-bit Biologist

    8-bit Biologist New Member

    Here is a general question, in the general section. In Second Life, all the tools - the scripting, terrain, etc, were in world. Same for OpenSim. So now I am looking at Sine Space specific Tutorials, as well as Unity specific tutorials. I find the Space tutorials can help me do some things, but there are lots of other things that are not covered. Which I imagine I need Unity for. However, I am reticent to learn Unity because I am not sure how much of it ports over to Sine Space and make the build not work.

    SO - will anything I set up in Unity: triggers, events, etc - transfer into the Sinespace space? Can I just learn Unity and set up my world like I would a game, with triggers spaces and such? It seems that not all things would work but I'm confused where the line is.

  2. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Most things will work!

    The exception will be scripts - custom Unity scripts wont work (that can currently be 'made' to work for white label customers with some work on the individual scripts) - but besides that, I'd say 99% of the knowledge is transferable.
  3. 8-bit Biologist

    8-bit Biologist New Member

    Thanks Adam! Good to know! So I guess the best way to start is learning Unity then.
  4. Trilo

    Trilo Member

    As a user/creator, I recommend diving as deeply into Unity as you can. Outside of scripting almost all of it works in SineSpace, and when it does come to scripting not only what Adam said but they've got their own Lua scripting system that may work for your needs. Learning Unity can seem overwhelming at times, mostly because wow there's a whole lot of stuff out there to learn.... but once you get past the initial shock of just how much there is, it has been a pretty good experience.
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  5. 8-bit Biologist

    8-bit Biologist New Member

    Thank you for the insight Trilo. It is intimidating, specially with a background in education where I have not had as much experience as others might in building. It seems like I might taper some of my design to better fit my meager skills. But again, thank you for your encouragement, it is needed!!

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