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I say good bye

Discussion in 'Community' started by pseudolukian, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. pseudolukian

    pseudolukian New Member

    Hello all friends and not friends.
    I sadly tell you that i will say good bye.
    I dont think i will handle the building like i want it to do. Its too different to Secondlife and for the most users still too complicated like me.
    I tryed to find a alternative to secondlife and missed again. The Graphics and possibilities are amazing i must say but the usability to create and live here aren´t.
    It need too much time to build something and it need much more time to add things here that someone like me wants to have as easy as in secondlife and that is still not available and dont think ever possible because its a fully different system.

    Sometimes i will maybe come back as guest and look around, go to a club but the main time i will not come here.
  2. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Hi there! Sad see you leave, but we do have a few more inworld build tools coming soon (end of the year we're expecting) - we'll post a notice when they're ready. :)
  3. 8-bit Biologist

    8-bit Biologist New Member

    Pseudo be sure to visit again, later. They are bringing more tools and it is an awesome space.

  4. Trilo

    Trilo Active Member

    I'm sorry to hear you're leaving. SineSpace is still in an early beta stage (some could argue that it's still late alpha, as many of the tools aren't there yet), so do consider checking back to see if a more mature and developed platform is something you'd be interested in working with.
  5. Moonrise Azalee

    Moonrise Azalee New Member

    It is very different here ~ but there are already many second life clones. I know it is too hard here for me to build, mainly because I am not tech savvy at all. (I can't even use photoshop :D ) BUT that doesn't mean there aren't many amazing places to visit. And you get a room/home for free so I don't think there is a need to 'leave' . The cool thing is, we have choices. I use InWorldz for my SL sorta experience, and SineSpace for the amazing beauty and wow factor :) A person can certainly visit all these various options. Also in the year I've been here there have been sooooo many improvements! If you do feel the need to leave altogether, then yes, by all means come back and visit often :)
  6. Cindy Bolero

    Cindy Bolero New Member

    I build in SineSpace for the features and usability that you cannot get with Secondlife and other virtual world and VR platforms. Those that are seeking such features know that SineSpace is showing much promise and progress.
  7. Xulain

    Xulain New Member

    Try Sansar by the creators of Second Life

    Sinespace looks good from what I can see and is a completely different experience to Sansar and it looks like it will have features that Sansar wont have like phone apps and browser access.
    Sansar already has a community bigger than Sinespace but I will be keeping my eye on both Sansar and Sinespace and I believe people should not try to compare them as they are different and not heading in the same direction.

    To the OP all these new generation virtual worlds are a lot more complicated than Second Life even linden labs new creation Sansar. Creating content for them is more like real game content creation.
    You should try doing some blender to unity tutorials and any content creation tutorials sinespace provides . Dont expect to learn this in a week some content creators have been doing this years and are still learning like me.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  8. GameMeister

    GameMeister New Member

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