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Italian Courtyard Region Template

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Trilo, Dec 24, 2018.

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  1. Trilo

    By:TriloDec 24, 2018
    Active Member

    Dec 6, 2016
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    I'm pleased to announce that my Italian Courtyard region template is in the SineSpace shop. This is a beautiful courtyard surrounded by luscious natural space. Supports Room Editor for furniture placement and user selectable lighting.


    If you have visited the BlakOpal's Courtyard region in-world since it first appeared earlier this year, you may be familiar with the build. At the time, I created the build as a place to visit as well as to get familiar with how SineSpace's floorplan system worked for allowing furniture placement. BlakOpal wanted me to make her a space to hang out and decorate in-world, and the courtyard build is what I made for her.

    What I have done with this region template was to go back through my original build to improve the quality as well as the efficiency (to bring the filesize down), as well as add some features and functionality that I've learned to do in the months since then.

    The original project turned into a sort of laundry list of things I thought she'd like. She's a fan of italian culture, history, and architecture - and as luck would have it Pete at Quantum Theory was just putting the finishing touches on his second volume of ancient Roman assets. I wanted to change a few things, and take advantages to some recent improvements to Unity's particle system to make the fire bowls pop.


    We have lemon trees in our real-world yard, and she knows I've been using the Speedtree modeler for a couple years and wondered if I could make a virtual lemon grove as well as something big and leafy. I had already been working on sparrows flying and flocking in the skies overhead (occasionally landing on the courtyard building), and so naturally I was tasked with figuring out whether hummingbirds were possible (we have them in your real-world yard, too). The birds aren't done through a simple pre-programmed animation loop, I've set their behaviors and tendencies and in the scene they fly and they flock (and the hummingbirds love the lemon trees hehe).

    In BlakOpal's courtyard, we had two cats roaming around who were modeled after our two RL furry friends (each with their own behaviors, of course). I didn't include our cats with the template, but instead use a single grey tabby who sure seems to enjoy roaming around the courtyard.


    The surrounding terrain is spacious (a little over 3.5 square kilometers), but not huge. I made improvements to the lighting setup, as well as added user-selectable lighting (it defaults to daytime, you can set to sunrise, sunset, night, or a few different day/night cycles). I also added the option to make the fire bowls go away if you like.


    I finished out the store room portion of the build with floorplan support and set up a clickable door, and then with user-selectable day/night lighting I wanted to add some basic wall lights so you could better find your way around at night.


    I was really happy with how the birds behaved in the original build, and have made a few slight alterations that I think improve their behavior.



    While the region makes full use of physically based rendering (PBR) materials, it DOES NOT have swappable materials like the Fairfield house. That would have required a much more significant overhaul of the build and considerably more time to prepare, and one of the goals I had with this template was to make something that was a little more affordable.

    What the italian courtyard DOES have is:
    • User-selectable day and night settings
    • Fire bowls! They're on by default but you can turn them off
    • Clickable door for the storage room
    • Adjustable wall lighting in the main courtyard area and the storage room
    • Room Editor support for furniture placement
    • Lemon trees, leafy trees, and ferns/grass that move gently in the wind
    • Sparrows and hummingbirds in the sky and a delightful gray striped tabby cat wandering around the grounds.
    It's also an efficient build - you get all of that and a little over 50MB worth of space to add your own furniture and decorations on the basic free region in SineSpace. And if you take advantage of one of their great subscription deals, you will have tons and tons of space to place awesome stuff. This is a great region template to get started with, showcasing a lot of great features in SineSpace while giving you plenty of room to customize with your stuff.

    You can find it in the SineSpace shop, click on Region in the top row of categories and then choose Landscapes from the subcategories on the left.... or just search for COURTYARD! You can also check the build out in-world, search for COURTYARD and it'll come right up!

    As soon as we get client updates with long-awaited camera controls improvements, I will record and post some videos to walk through and demonstrate the house and its features.

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018