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Kick-starting a virtual world - problem analysis/ideas/suggestions/your needs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lex4art, May 13, 2017.

  1. Lex4art

    Lex4art Member

    Isn't this performance problem already fully covered by graphics settings? On lowest settings it is possible to run any Sinespace location even on DX11 "videocard" integrated in an Intel CPU *I guess*... Loading time will be solved with texture streaming (sooner or later).

    For me main problem is still same: lack of randomness (that "Positive unpredictability level" thingey) and as consequence - boredom, Space is the same all the time. For example, there was a stress test for servers and 30+ people and it took me only 10-15 minutes to use all fun things that Sinespace can offer:
    After that it is only rare chat and that is all. Hope upcoming updates will start to actually solving this problem, there was some announcements here and there ). More items in shop, more avatars - this stuff also will add some to that "Positive unpredictability level" ).
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  2. Trilo

    Trilo Member

    Texture streaming might sound like a magic bullet to you, but it seems a little ridiculous from my perspective.

    Essentially, what it does, is take the next gen virtual world of SineSpace and throws you right back to 2003. All the objects come in blurry and blocky, and then depending on what's in your view, and your connection speed, textures will rez up and load. While sure, that dramatically reduces the time it takes for the initial download, it makes the sustained connection speed a much bigger deal (since content may continue to stream in for tens of minutes afterward). For people with fast connections and no bandwidth restrictions, that's no big deal (other than the quaint-ness of being back in Second Life again), but for users on lesser connections or with caps... those are huge deals.

    Currently, there are no user preferences that allow users to specify a maximum texture resolution that they download... that's all up to the content creator/experience designer. If you build a space with 4K/8K textures everywhere on the desktop platform, that's what you force them to download and attempt to render. Allegorithmic substances can reduce the download size, but the other side of that coin is that they carry a render cost and like any texture, the higher the resolution the greater the video memory impact is.

    Perhaps including some kind of cap for texture/material sizes to user settings makes sense? I think that's a fairly common option for many game titles (top end and otherwise), in my opinion overloading a machine's VRAM is one of the main reasons people on modest machines have terrible experiences (once they run out of VRAM the app crashes or performance drops to many seconds per frame).

    I wasn't in-world for the stress test, but I think it's extremely premature to talk about all the fun things Sinespace can offer. The tools for creating content (and interactive content at that) are still in their infancy, and with many Space devs being single user or tiny team operations I'm not sure that there are even very many regions with a lot of fun stuff happening yet. I'd kind of figure that the kinds of stress testing they're doing at this stage is just to get #'s of live user accounts on a region and fighting lag monsters. Hopefully in the next few months we'll be doing load tests that involve shoot 'em ups, races, chases, and more interactivity.

    I still think, though, that if SineSpace is going to try and do all the things, it's important to make sure the useful info is available to users before they click the button to download. Downloading a region is a bit like being held in a penalty box, I think that from the people I've met in-world there is very little patience for long downloads (especially when it results in an experience they don't get much out of). Perhaps it would be possible for users to still have access to the XMPP chat system during download? That way people wouldn't feel so isolated, and could get reassurances from other users that what they're experiencing is normal.

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