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Masterclass Topics Requests!

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to float this as a question - which topics would you like me to cover in future masterclasses? I'm likely to cover Vehicles and Clothing in the next few weeks, but if there is particular topics people really want to hear about, I'd be happy to add them to the roster.

    Ask away!
  2. AshaSekayi

    AshaSekayi Member

    My vote is for clothing and physics/physics joints.
  3. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Clothing will be the next one - but yes, physics & joints would be a good topic to cover. Especially in conjunction with the one on vehicles.
  4. pseudolukian

    pseudolukian New Member

    How about a tutorial just for users? Starting with create a region, buy a house, buy furniture and trees, decorate, maybe insert music stream?
    Like a whole Package for beginners who are not yet creator
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  5. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah that makes sense - might be a separate class of video, but yes, absolutely.
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  6. Trilo

    Trilo Active Member

    A couple ideas, if they haven't already been covered...

    Adding atmospheric sounds. I think this was touched on a little bit in the club/sound reactive lighting session, but I'm thinking about a class specific to adding atmospheric sound and effects to a scene. The sound of water on a beach (or waves on an open sea), rustling leaves on trees, wind, babbling brooks, creaking doors, etc. And how to set up sound zones so space stations have that metallic echo, or small rooms vs large outdoor spaces.

    Creating custom snapshot settings. I recall you mentioning in chat that we could potentially make our own custom presets, both for personal use or as assets for sale in the store... but I'm not sure how to do that or where to look. Perhaps show us how to make our own "holiday postcard" preset?

    Uploading avatar animations. Whether it's something that plays once (like a gesture that a machinimist might have an actor perform) or loops (like a dance), walk people through how to set that up and get it into Space. Also, how to set up camera animations that go with it (the stock dances in SineSpace have cool camera moves that ppl can turn off/on).

    Rigging an avatar to the Sinespace male/female skeleton, to help creators who make humanoid characters (skeletons, robots, aliens, and the many different shaped kinds of humans) set up their creations so they can upload them as regular avatars that can work with body shape sliders and clothing/attachments. Maybe a separate followup session on blendshapes so the avatars can work with face capture after that's up and running).
  7. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    I covered that in last night's masterclass actually.

    I'll take some of the rest of these - next week I'm going to hold in reserve as I've got something special in mind, but I need to practice and test it a bit before I announce.
  8. Trilo

    Trilo Active Member

    Oh fantastic. Because of the time change (my calendar updated btw) I missed yesterday's session, and have not yet had a chance to watch it.
  9. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah sorry - blame daylight savings for the calendar shift. It was set on the calendar in UTC, should have been in AEST which would have picked up the DST change. heh.

    But yes - the overall technique did work in the end, I ran out of recording time to test the upload, but once inworld, barring some issues with the neck (due to not quite being close enough aligned), it worked pretty well.
  10. Aribeth

    Aribeth New Member

    I need to catch up on these. I sorta understand how to do things, but not enough to actually get anything done. Also, thank you for doing these.
  11. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    No problem! I've got topics for the next few weeks, but I am keen to hear more suggestions too. :)

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