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MichyChan's Fanart of Gojiyo pets

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by MichyChan, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. MichyChan

    MichyChan New Member

    -Originaly posted Mars 26 2016,Edited 2017 May 14)
    Saw there was a fanart section and thought why not post up some of my fanarts?

    I like to draw a lot and since I like to draw animals/creatures in general - as well being all for the pets in Gojiyo,I thought I could have my own topic where I post my fanarts here.

    So this topic is where Im showing my drawings I made of my Gojiyo pets (or any Gojiyo pet in general ). it will be a bit varied.,as I like to play around with styles.

    Edit: Fixed my links so it shows pics.

    (Im known as Norngirl else where,
    like deviantart.com/thats why my signature says that)

    Note: You have No right to steal/edit/upload/ or claim as youre own of any of my art,Thank you . Art is made by me MichyChan,but Pet species Perricans,Wasbees,Dragonfishes and Wabite belong to Gojiyo,sinewave.

    It's here for people to enjoy them and to show my support for the pets in Gojiyo :3

    My avatar of the different Gojiyo pets- in high quality as it should be:

    My main battle-pet "granny" ,Wabitta
    (first try on a quick fanart,not the best I can do thought)


    Test drawing in Paint SAI - some Dragonfishes:


    Another Dragonfish image,think this one turned out bit better.

    I hopefully will do more - I really hope the Pets in Gojiyo will be fixed up soon in Gojiyo's next update!
    Last edited: May 14, 2017
    Adam likes this.
  2. MichyChan

    MichyChan New Member

    Don't want to double post - but thought I bump this (is that allowed?)
    Since I guess no one noticed my Fanarts XD

    I fixed up the links and some small stuff...
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  3. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah - we passed the pics around the office when you first added them. :)
  4. MichyChan

    MichyChan New Member

    Oh o.o Is that so?
    I wonder what they think about it XD
    I know it's hopefuly not the best I can do,but theyre at least some Gojiyo fanart :3

    Be it good/less good etc - I will still draw Gojiyo pet Fanat!
    Going to support it and hope the pets won't be removed.
    Finding games with ability to choose eggs,hatch,raise them as well breed (with genetics)
    is rare to find (for me). So I would love to see the pets being fixed and fully working again
    (waiting for the update where we can capture wild ones,too),
    along with see the alien pets and maybe some new pets added.

    When I do more fanart,I will continue post it here.
  5. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah - we are going to re-enable them; I think longer-term on our general roadmap we have a sequel planned, but it looks like it'll be during next year; so we'll be fixing them up in the meantime.

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