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Mismatched ID: Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'General' started by cybertwigs, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. cybertwigs

    cybertwigs New Member

    Using EP7, the ID number in the "Space/Items and Status" window is 6 digits, and the corresponding items on the Curator webpage are 7 digits long (matching ID numbers except for last digit). Overwriting items by entering the 6 digit ID in "Resume ID" doesnt reclaim the reserved scene url. Overwriting with reference to the 7 digit ID did reserve the original scene url, but that was after I'd applied both ID overwrites (so not sure if it was doing both that worked or just the latter). Is that normal? Please clarify the correct steps on how to delete/overwrite scenes and retain the original url? Thanks.
  2. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Hey there, sorry - missed this earlier; if you can open a support ticket about this listing the two IDs, I'll get someone to look into it and give you a answer for that specific item.

    Generally speaking you should be overwriting with the exact same ID as originally (there was a jump in the IDs, but the 6 & 7 digits are still from the same number series)

  3. cybertwigs

    cybertwigs New Member

    I've noticed this 6/7 digit difference with ALL my items (scenes) which is why I wondered if it was normal, and I just needed to learn how to overwrite/delete scenes a correct way. I'll submit a ticket sure, thanks!

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