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Other pet breeders and exchange pets perhaps?

Discussion in 'Community' started by MichyChan, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. MichyChan

    By:MichyChanMar 16, 2016
    New Member

    Mar 14, 2016
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    Im new to this forums and stumbled upon Gojiyo because I was searching for any pet themed game and found this. Gojiyo is great looking and have other fun things there overall but my main focus is the pets ,as it had me captured and I truly enjoy it so far!
    I've been able to breed a lot of color,look and sizes of varied pets.
    I also allready been asking lots of questions and give some suggestions related to Gojiyo's pets,too.
    (I pecialy thank the kind person over at the helpdesk for kindly encourage me to post here in the forums)
    So there will be more pet related posting from me mostly..
    But lets go straight to the main topic itself ; P

    That aside, as the title say, I'm looking for other english speaking players that are pet breeders in Gojiyo,
    and hope perhaps could exchange and expand the genepool of the pets?
    Would be nice to find some more that share that interesst!

    In this thread I was hoping could let people with pets gather here and perhaps where people can as well post and show pictures of pets theyre interessted to trade to others (Not too insane big images,of course) . Could perhaps ask other people if they migh have a specific look,color,size,gender in a pet species theyre looking for,that in return someone might be willing to hand out to them - to help each other to find the perfect pet.

    Since the pets range in all kind of looks, colors and sizes - I think this could be a fun thing for us pet lovers.
    The pets also have skills too (but those are not dirct visible,unless you want a quick look in the Gene report)

    So I thought this place would be for anyone interessted in pets :3