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Pet Egg charts - with pictures

Discussion in 'Community' started by MichyChan, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. MichyChan

    By:MichyChanMar 16, 2016
    New Member

    Mar 14, 2016
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    I've been Doing egg charts of the eggs you can buy at the shops,since there is no preveiw button (hopefuly will maybe in a update since I did ask about it) and you can only tell the apperance and color once you buy the egg and hatch it, I just had to make a chart!
    The eggs will allways be the same look and color,the only thing that will differ is gender and I do think sizes too (unless it is unchangeable)..

    Finaly I made all the egg charts! I have now added the 3 last egg list (Tropical Perrican & Dragonfishes eggs (Brightcolors&Natural colors) !
    Thanks goes to my,sister ,who also helped me out with finishing the other Dragonfish seller that sell natural colored Dragonfish egg chart.She also kindly let me edit it and fix it up forposting it,Thank you! )

    (beware thought,I asked about two copies of A&B perricans in WildLands&Sol and
    got told it is a bug,so whenever the update fix it,I might update the A&B types of owly perricans in Sol,once it's correctly updated,same goes for the J& K Tropical Parricans!)
    I haven't started on the Tropical Parrican egg chart just yet thought,will try as soon I can.

    The chart show the egg in the shop list,and the colored square around them matches the pet,as it has the same colored square around the picture.

    (Please note: do not edit/change/steal/claim it is your'e egg chart pics,
    I had a hard work with making this chart , I had to buy ALL eggs and hatch them to reveal what is inside of them ! -_-'
    Credits goes to Gojiyo too,of course - I do not own the Gojiyo pets,
    I only made clipart of my own pets ^^'
    credits goes to them for making the lovely pets!
    Credit goes for my hardwork for making the chart itself,with the background I made as well - Thanks for understanding! )

    Here is the list I have done so far:

    (Hopefuly the image is not too large ^^' )

    WildLand Egg list:
    Town Shop - varied pets:
    The NPC Mirella in the town shop in the WildLands have varied pets.
    She sell's two different Parricans,two Owly Parricans, one metal Fishdragon variant
    and two wasbee variants - Neon and Amazing.


    On the Hill - Wasbee only:
    There is only one lone NPC there,a man by the name Peak,who sell
    Natural Colored Wasbee eggs only,and some food for them,too!

    Noteable traits:
    * Darkgreen & darblue squared Wasbee have different antennas
    (thanks sis for noticing!)& Goldbrown squared Wasbee have ears (!)
    (Also the one appearing all white is not so bad as it is pictured here ^^' )



    There is two NPC men who sell two different color variants of Dragonfish.

    The Waterfall area - Dragonfish only:
    Bright Dragonfish:
    Further away from the Wasbee hill,exist a area with a large body of water and a watefall flowing down,home to the Bright olored Dragonfishes.
    Here you find a nice NPC man,Kenrick, who is willing to sell the pretty colored Fishdragons! This is my fav fishdragon egg color set,theyre beautiful! ^.^
    There is 5 spikes on tail,some comes with/wthout fangs...

    Noteable traits:
    * Pink/H & Red/i squared Fishdragons have noteable glisstering eyes!
    (I noticed this mostly on this two,but do correct me if there is others!)

    * Darkblue/E squared Fishdragon have eyebrows!

    * Yelloworange/K squared Fishdragon have different ears & fintail!

    The Mountain Waterstream area - Dragonfish only:
    Somewhere not too far from the bright colored Fishdragons,
    Can you find NPC Jaqs. He sell natural colored Fishdragons.
    They may not be the most pretty colored,but some have interessting looks!
    Noteable traits:
    *Darkgeen/2 squared Fishdragon have eyebrows & spikes on it's tail.
    *Lightgreen/3 squared Fishdragon have a flame like tailtip!
    *Silvergrey/4 squared Fishdragons have headfin and the second ear type,
    This is also found on the Metal fishdragon in townshop of WildLands!

    *Cream/6 squared Fishdragon have the 3rd last ear variant!

    (Big thanks goes to my sister who made the original raw chart and gave me
    it,so I could fix it propely! )


    Sol Egg list:
    There is two NPC girls who sell two different parricans.

    Tropical Parrican:
    Lleyana is th first seller you come across,
    and she sells the very colorful Tropical Parricans-many colors to choose from!
    This sure is my fav set of colors of the little birds,so pretty! ^o^

    Jut keep in mind that theres a bug with K & J,hatching them result in one and same color and look!
    Some come with eyebrows,some with feathery mohawks-Just like theyre Owly counterparts,but 2x time prettier plumage!
    Noteable traits:
    * Green/B Squared & Red/i Parricans is the same type you see standing in
    town of WildLand's when you recive your'e first starter Perrican pet,maybe the parents of you're perrican? :3

    Owly Parrican:
    Scarlet is the one selling the owly variant,Mostly natural colors here!
    However,duo to a bug,you can find WildLand's
    A&B owly parricans appear here again - I got informed that will be fixed,
    but until now,you can choose if you want those two variants from Sol or Wildland.
    The perrican comes with or without eyebrows and mohawks.

    This is all of the egg list so far,hope it will be of help!

    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
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  2. MichyChan

    By:MichyChanMay 14, 2017
    New Member

    Mar 14, 2016
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    Sorry if I bump this, But since 2016 (when the Pets worked at least for a while)
    I wanted to ask...Since I was told the Pets seem to have to be redone..
    Does this mean I have to redo all of my 6 Gojiyo pet egg charts show here
    (the ones telling what pet can be obtained in what shop) ??!
    (I know one of them had to be fixed as a NPC did sell same pet -K & J Tropical Perricans..but thats understandable.

    Would love to know so I might be ready to redo my egg chart..
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