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ragVR: Virtual Visual Design and Construction Solutions

Discussion in 'Job Seeking' started by Richard A Goldberg, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Richard A Goldberg

    Richard A Goldberg New Member

    I have chatted informally on the Skype Developers channel with a few of the people involved in the Sinespace development project and wanted to post here to further publicize my services.

    Before entering the VR busisness, I was exclusively in the 2D freelance illustration business. My style combined conceptual and humorous ideas with clients' visual message needs. I was active in the print corporate, publishing, and licensing markets. A key to my success in this field is an excellent collaboration management style. I seek to combine the client's needs and the client's expertise with my own as a visual problem solver.

    Now, I am applying these skill sets to the VR business. For a 2D illustrator, 3D offers a whole new dimension of visual design solutions (pun intended). The same collaborative skills apply to come up with designs that exceed expectations in VR building. If you or your client has a story or message to communicate but are not sure how to translate that into a visual environment, then give me a call.

    You can view my work at www.ragvr.com and contact me at rag@ragmedia.com.

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