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Release Notes - 0.12.11

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by sinespace, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. sinespace

    By:sinespaceDec 13, 2017
    Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Hi everyone, we have a update to the live servers today - this is mostly a bugfixing release, but has a few new features. We also have a Preview release coming soon, which we'll post notes on as well and has a larger feature set. Read on for the full list of changes since 10.31.

    Changes and Updates

    • Whitelist: Added HerdSim to whitelist
    • Animation: Fixes several issues relating to animations and avatar root motion positions & rotations
    • Audio: Fixes an issue where scene sounds would no longer respond to the SFX sliders
    • Scripting: Fixed an issue where network serialisation of messages would fail
    • Desktop Sharing: On Windows, we now use GDI+ for screen capturing, versus the Win8 Desktop Capture API, this is more reliable.
    • Camera: We now update many camera movements in LateUpdate which prevents 'camera jitter'.
    • Quests: Quests may now use CineMachine Cameras during Conversation Steps
    • Quests: Quest Dialogues may now fire events before and after the dialogue
    • Embedded Video: We now default to target 720p versus 1080p on embedded videos when a selection is on offer.
    • Focus Camera: Scripts may now de-focus a camera
    • Parcelling: You may now parcel your regions and give parcels and MB allocations to other users within your regions as you see fit.
    • Vehicles: Vehicles now de-spawn after 90 seconds of inactivity versus 30.
    • UI: We now display the time in UTC at the top of the screen
    • Flickr/RSS: Users can now use Flickr and RSS feeds in region design
    • Vivox: We've totally overhauled and replaced our Vivox implementation with a new version. This appears to work more reliably on old versions of OSX
    • Vivox: Vivox now works with character lipsync.
    • YouTube: We now buffer YouTube videos loaded through the Embedded Video Component for longer
    • Attachments: Certain attachments previoulsy could not be rotated / scaled through the outfit window, they now can.
    • Scripting: Adds .RegionID and .InstanceID to SScene
    • Modern Skin: This is now disabled by default on certain platforms, you can toggle it on the settings window
    • Cloth Fitter: Improvements to experimental cloth fitter (still disabled by default, toggle on with F6)
    • Cloth Fitter: Surface Mode is now properly respected in cloth fitter
    • Inventory: Regions will now always save to inventory, even if they do not have a floor component
    • Body Sliders: Added 4 new body sliders covering the face
    • Ghosts: WebGL clients now show 'Ghosts' when there are a large number of avatars in a scene and memory is running low.
    • Ghosts: NPCs in WebGL will default to showing as Ghosts
    • Dialogue Manager: NPC text can now be coloured
    • Scripting: Object Database will no longer crash the script if encountering null entries
    • Scripting: Screen size in all functions (Camera, Screen and other similar functions) now returns as a range between 0 and 1, rather than pixels. Scripters may want to check their scripts, but as all components have updated simultaneously, no breaks have been observed.
    • Scripting: Adds .Replace to SString
    • Scripting: Adds SScript.InEditor
    • Scripting: SGameObject.FindInChildren will now no longer return incorrect information when called on a deleted or missing object
    • Scripting: Fixes a number of issues with scripts not correctly registering newly added script classes
    • Creatures: Behave better in regions without navmesh information
    • Vehicles: Preliminary support for Wind Based Boats (note, exact implementation may change in future, do not highly tune your boats just yet)
    • Scripting: using json.parse on a empty string will now return an empty array ("[]") instead of invalid data
    • Physics: We've now designated the layer 'SpecialFX5' as non-physical interacting, elements in this layer will not interact with other objects in the physics system
    • Scripting: Fixed an issue where WebGL viewers would not POST information in SWebService correctly
    • VR: Experimental - added a 'body tracker' to simulate body and feet position from arms/HMD information. Hands and head position is now tracked and transmitted to other viewers, and properly IK simulated. (Note: new VR viewers are pending release at some point)
    • Scripting: Fixes, then reverts, changes to SMaterials[] due to some issues with script compatibility.
    • WebGL: New Login Screen - gives a single click guest entry for WebGL users
    • Avatars: Avatars now use 4 bones versus 2 bones for skinning/weighting.
    • Avatars: Skin is no longer compressed using DXT1/5 - now uses BC7 where available.
    • Avatars: Adds '2017' avatars, however disabled in this build (preview build contains them).
    • Guests: Guests can now rename their avatar free when 'saving' / 'registering' their avatar fully
    • Loading UI: Loading UI is now centered and has a new appearance to match the new UI scheme
    • Quests: Fixes Lipsync when used in Quests where there is a lipsync'd audio file
    • Quests: Path hint lines will vanish properly when completing a quest
    • AQUAS: Fixes AQUAS's underwater camera mode

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