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Release Notes - 2019.1b39

Discussion in 'Blog' started by sinespace, Dec 6, 2019.

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  1. sinespace

    By:sinespaceDec 6, 2019
    Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2017
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    A full list of updates to our newest viewer!

    Hi everyone - We've been busy adding features and fixing the bugs on our latest viewer and in the Editor Pack! Some of the features we have added are:

    • Major improvements to loading times
    • Lots of UI tweaks in response to feedback; chat & inventory have improved!
    • A new look to our Edit Room UI
    • A new 'Skin Age' slider
    • A new sorting system for the Inventory window

    Read on below to see all of the features, fixes and updates we have made since the release of 2019.1b27. We will be regularly updating the changes from now on, so keep on eye out on the blog for new update info!

    Viewer features

    • Added a highlight color notification on to the Chat tabs when there are new messages.
    • The Snapshot window now saves information about what's in view - what scene you're in, who is visible in the screenshot and which furniture is visible in the shot.
    • Holding control while placing items in the room editor will snap the item to grid
    • Now duplication of all selected items is enabled in Edit Room
    • Added a Community window to the main menu
    • Added Clothes/Body/Eyelashes Category
    • Now there’s a “Copy ID" button in the Outfit window to copy the Outfit ID to the clipboard
    • When in the Snapshot view, clicking on another avatar, NPC or object will allow you to focus the camera on that object instead of your own avatar
    • Adds new "Skin Age" slider to avatar, only works properly on 'ultra' quality skin [for now].
    • Skin normal map intensity can now be controlled by the user to allow greater variation on avatar skins
    • Added the save as button to copy the current outfit as new
    • Now you can edit the transparency of the item in the Outfit Window if it is supported transparency change.
    • Clothing items can now contain blend shapes which will follow our procedural blends, such as eye position and various facial morphs. To use this, simply name the morph the same as the one built-in to our standard avatars (such as "Facial.Jaw_open")
    • You can now left click on a player to play a multi-user gesture with them specifically
    • Closing the Outfit window by the "x" button of the window or tab will act the same as the Discard button -- if there are any changes it will ask the user if they want to save instead of closing the window directly
    • Now the Region Admin and multiple people can use the Edit Room mode at the same time
    • CTRL clicking on multiple items in the Edit Room mode is now enabled – Helpful for multiple deletions or other functions
    • The Edit Room UI now has a new look
    • Items in the Inventory can now be sorted by name or date
    • Left clicking on an avatar now brings up a popup menu with options, instead of always showing the users profile
    • Now vehicle and spawnable items pattern is available both in generate items and preview in Shop.
    • Now when you are in Edit Room mode, in avatar camera mode the camera position is stuck to the avatar.
    • Closing the Outfit window by the "x" button of the window or tab will act the same as the Discard button -- if there are any changes it will ask the user if they want to save instead of closing the window directly
    • Now the Region Admin and multiple people can use the Edit Room mode at the same time
    • CTRL clicking on multiple items in the Edit Room mode is now enabled – Helpful for multiple deletions or other functions
    • The Edit Room UI now has a new look
    • Items in the Inventory can now be sorted by name or date
    • Left clicking on an avatar now brings up a popup menu with options, instead of always showing the users profile
    • Now vehicle and spawnable items pattern is available both in generate items and preview in Shop.
    • Now when you are in Edit Room mode, in avatar camera mode the camera position is stuck to the avatar.

    Viewer fixes

    • Added restriction to open new Chat tab – focuses the new chat if the user opens it, if not, it will be kept in the background with a notification.
    • Fixed a potential bug that the chat tab may be disabled unwantedly
    • Temporary fix for price tags not showing correctly in Shop (Full fix coming soon!)
    • The Inventory will be refreshed if it’s active when switching to the open Outfit window
    • Fixed the Area button not being interactable in the Advanced window of Edit room after clicking the Option button
    • Now if the region only has one floor, the floor dropdown menu won’t show
    • The Edit Room window won’t close anymore while changing the region template
    • Added the region file size to the Map window
    • Cleaned up and changed the UI color for the Snapshot window
    • Fixed an issue with the new 'Re-focus' button in the Snapshot window
    • Now the Inventory window will close when you close the Outfit window if you had it active at the same time
    • Fixed an issue where the animation info will be kept after taking a snapshot, causing the avatar loader to restore unwanted animations
    • Busy tab now works in the Map window
    • The footer on the login screen for custom grids is now visible
    • Fixed the Snapshot window making all the UI invisible
    • Sped up scrolling in the Shop
    • The chat tabs will no longer be blank after switching between chat tabs
    • Fixed an issue where other user’s cameras be locked to a spawned vehicle if it is using the auto-generated camera
    • Fixed the Object and Inspector window position in Edit Room mode when they are first opened
    • The gizmos in Edit Room and the Outfit window should work better than before
    • Fixed the Capacity Bar problem in Edit Room window
    • VR: Updating how trackpads are factored into movement to be more universal
    • VR: keyboard colliding with objects in the scene
    • VR: Fixed controller touchpads not being used for walking when no joystick is present
    • VR: Fixed VRManager still thinking the UI was open after wearing and removing headset multiple times.
    • VR: Laser pointers from hands now show correctly all the time.
    • VR: Furniture loaded from inventory can now be dropped properly in room editor.
    • VR: Activity buttons now appear correctly in VR, fixing the issue of not being able to stand up.
    • VR: Fixed panels loading at random rotations in VR when restored from save.
    • VR: Outfit window preview controls should now work in VR.
    • VR: Space.Input.Fire and .AltFire now work in VR.
    • VR: Entering VR while in MouseLook now turns off MouseLook, preventing a conflict.
    • VR: All standard camera functions are now suspended while in VR.
    • VR: Camera tips popup on main UI is now disabled while in VR.
    • VR: Teleporting is now blocked by SAvatar.BlockMovement.
    • VR: Players can no longer bypass teleport restrictions by holding the teleport
    • Items in the Outfit window will now be ordered by putting recently bought items first
    • Tweaked the capacity label size
    • Redid the layout of the "Advanced Edit Window" in the room editor to ensure that elements resize better, also changed default sizes of certain areas (notably the material editor).
    • The Snapshot window hide/show panel is now functional
    • The main UI of Edit Room now has a dropdown button for picking the current area
    • More graceful handling on large and small resolutions in the Edit Room window
    • All buttons have corrected icons and tooltips in the Edit Room window
    • Added a "can/can't" move toggle for the new walking/non-walking functionality
    • The chat window won’t refresh when changing the UI scale
    • The Auction button is now in the Shop window exclusively
    • Resized the chat cell size to solve the text overlap issue
    • Reimplemented the Snapshot window with a new design - implements new depth and refocus pickers for changing the focus in your shots
    • Avatar no longer moves forward in Mouselook when holding both mouse buttons
    • Avatar now auto-walks in third person when holding both mouse buttons
    • Closing the Shop will no longer reset your camera
    • Fixes needless memory & CPU expenditure on non-player avatars
    • Fixes issue with terrain basemaps coming in at extremely low resolutions
    • Cleanups and refinements to main overlay UI - covers menus, popups, loading and others.
    • Click to walk mode now makes your avatar walk instead of running
    • NPC animations will only play after the NPC is fully loaded
    • Eyelash UVs will no longer morph clothing items on the face such as masks
    • Chat will no longer jump to a new message in the active Chat tab
    • "Color" Button and "Skins" Button merged as one "Skins" Button
    • Fixed a bug that removed the Depth of Field in Edit Room mode
    • Clear cache will remove old files as well as new
    • Popup menus can now be manually positioned for dropdown buttons and such
    • Now when you are in Edit Room mode, your avatar won’t move so you can focus by using F on the keyboard instead of right mouse button + F
    • Holding right mouse button (AltFire) no longer freezes movement in Mouselook.
    • Enables VSync in non-VR builds and always when alt-tabbing.
    • The Add Floor button has been added under the Advanced tab in the Edit Room window
    • Fixed the empty Object window issue which was caused by the undefined tag of furniture.
    • White Label grids have a higher network messaging limit.
    • VOIP default volume is now set to 70% (was 90%)
    • Now when you’re in fly mode and enter the Room Edit mode, you can orbit the camera directly and won't stuck
    • Fixed the bug that the completed quests still show in the Quest window; Now only "Activated" and "Accepted" quests will be shown
    • Fixed the problem where the Quest Selector was showing dependent quests
    • Patterns will now be loaded when preview a costume in the Shop
    • The Outfit window will no longer replace a costumes’ skin/material
    • Fixed a bug where disabling furniture in the room editor would not appear on all other clients simultaneously
    • Now the default or custom eyelashes will be displayed normally in both the Outfit window and in-world
    • Fixed an issue where if the activity buttons are disabled and the Snapshot window is opened, the Snapshot window breaks
    • Now the loading message will always be on top of the UI
    • Chat tab scrolling to bottom is more robust when there is a large amount of back scroll text (now will scroll 500,000px instead of 10,000px)
    • Camera controls in Unity mode match Unity 2019 behavior better
    • Fixed an issue with users not being able to play gestures; they are now playable.
    • Improves performance of cloth physics
    • Fixes avatar left-click popup menu
    • Fixed an issue when loading complex materials involving certain patterns where the outfit would not save
    • Fixed the issue of Preview items being too big to show in the Shop, plus the item disappearing into the background
    • World map has gained a "Create" button for making a new region
    • Items in preview will no longer fall and your avatar will no longer sit in the vehicle when previewing in the Shop
    • Picking a skin colour should now properly save the colour when saving
    • Closing the Mail window will now close the Inventory window as well if it’s opened from it
    • The left-hand Skin category in the Outfit window will now only show the current gender items
    • Cleans up and improves the world map window
    • The multi-material colour information about the clothes can now be correctly saved and loaded now
    • Fixed the issue where the Outfit window doesn't show the shape or morph correctly when all the body shape slider's value is 0
    • Fixes eyebrows on female skeleton when using a morph shape
    • Shape in presets and morph sections of the Outfit window (left side) now only show item of current gender
    • Now the custom shape slider on morph items will also change the skinned clothing correctly.
    • The camera will now zoom correctly to the head when previewing hats/hair in the Shop preview window
    • With the new vehicle script, the user will automatically sit in the vehicle
    • Refined the camera control for vehicles without custom cameras
    • Fixed the issue where there was a ‘Wear more than one item’ popup while trying to save and close the Outfit window after putting on a costume
    • Fixes and enables depth picking alt-click mode for all users
    • Fix for snapshot filters not loading if they are missing a PPv1 slot even if PPv2 present
    • Now the shape item can be loaded correctly when logging in the viewer
    • Fixed the problem where selecting a disabled item in the Object window, it will show an empty Inspector window
    • Added right mouse button camera control back to Shop preview
    • You can now delete furniture in Edit Room without confirmation
    • Now we can directly save an outfit which is edited as a new outfit
    • Now when we delete the outfit we’re wearing, it will auto-switch to the first outfit in the Outfit list in the Outfit window
    • You can use the Outfit window and the Shop window when teleporting between regions
    • Fixed the bug that when you play a gesture with an unstable network you may be will stuck at the last frame of animation.
    • Vehicle actions are now synchronized and visible by other users
    • Fixed the bug that when you just stop and click right mouse button, you will enter fly mode
    • Shop 'home screen' now loads considerably faster
    • Fixed the bug that when you click the "You may also like" items in shop detail window, it was only previewing an image and not the item
    • Removed collision detection from first-person camera

    Editor Pack fixes

    • Adds LiveRoomPhysicsPlacer for placing room items using Physics
    • Region database queries via server scripting return null if no value can be found
    • Fixes editor pack build, removes dependency on Leap. * and RTEditor.*
    • Adds LoadCustomAnimation / ResetCustomAnimation public methods to NPC Statue
    • Adds SRenderer.BoundsMax and SRenderer.BoundsMin to scripting. Wraps Renderer.Bounds
    • Highlighting FX on "highlight button" component is stronger & more prominent.
    • Adds A-Pose variants for 2019 avatars to editor pack
    • Updated EmbeddedVideo compatibility with new LightShaft YouTube plugin
    • 2017 avatar's ear UV issue.
    • Implements some rules on StartableSnapshot in quests - quests can now require a specific item to be in view to complete the step
    • Fix for an issue where uploads was causing a large shader variant explosion
    • Vehicle spawners should be more standardized and less confusing to setup now
    • Adds SRegionScript.ScriptID to server scripting ("Space.ScriptID") to get the ID of the current script instance
    • Adds SEmbeddedVideo_OutputTexture for grabbing output textures from a movie texture
    • Added SGameObject.GetData functions to find ScriptingData components by name
    • SScriptingRuntime.SetPublicVariable now works for more than strings.
    • Added ScriptingData component to attach script-accessible variables to objects without a script.
    • Lua scripting support for Cinemachine Virtual Cameras using the SVirtualCamera class.
    • Implemented Space.Camera.ShakeCamera
    • Body/Head slider settings from current outfit now accessible to Lua via SAvatarAppearance and SAppearanceSlider
    • Adds pcall and xpcall built-in methods to Lua scripting
    • Adds ParcelManager to server scripting for accessing parcel information
    • Adds SRenderSettings.SetGlobalShaderColor to scripting API
    • Adds SRenderSettings.SetGlobalShaderFloat to scripting API
    • Adds SRenderSettings.SetGlobalShaderTexture to scripting API
    • Adds SRenderSettings.SetGlobalShaderVector to scripting API
    • Adds server-side parcel support
    • ModularVehicle now has Boost/Nitro options and triggers. (Activated with Shift or gamepad)
    • ModularVehicle now has e-brake options on wheels. (Activated with Left Ctrl or gamepad)
    • ModularVehicle now has Hide Avatar option in lieu of animation.
    • ModularVehicle now has Brake event triggers to do brake lights.
    • Added "InvokeEvent" on SScriptingRuntime to be able to remotely trigger events
    • Mesh deletion now correctly works with multi-material meshes
    • When ‘Preparing’ clothing it now ignores the eyeball for the purpose of refitting around the facial area (prevents clothing breaking on tight-fitting skinned items like masks that cover the eyeball)
    • Added a button for users to pull basic info from Curator in the Editor Pack
    • Added new 'Ultra' version of skin shader designed to render skin more accurately with finer detail support
    • Added support for CanvasGroup components to Lua SDK
    • Moved new bundle tool to "Sinespace/Virtual Goods/Make Bundle from Selected Virtual Goods" - which will create a new bundle quickly from existing virtual goods
    • Eyelashes will be deleted on the base model if any worn clothing item is of the category "Clothes/Body/Eyelashes" - allows custom eyelashes to be uploaded
    • RSS component now has an 'Image' property
    • Event Calendar component has an optional button property for creating a 'Visit' button
    • Now the connection between object and Hierarchy at edit mode is more fluent and "Ctrl + D" is available for duplicate
    • Now the inspector can update dynamically as you move the item in the scene.
    • Editor pack will only show install native mac uploader menu on OSX 12
    • Fixes Setup-for-lightmap-export utility. If you are using lightmaps, this is important; please use "Sinespace/Advanced/Setup Lightmaps for Export" prior to uploading - this will preserve lightmap details. If you rebake your lights or change them, simply run this command again to preserve the new lighting
    • Attachments won't be used to calculate body coverage anymore
    • Normal maps in tattoos now have a setting for how they mix/combine independent of the main blend mode, this will produce much more accurate layering when combining multiple normal maps together (and indeed when combining with the built-in avatar skins)
    • Added a tool for previewing morph textures in the editor more quickly
    • ClickableActivator component tooltips can now accept multiple lines of text
    • Reworked the Bake Texture tool to add new 'non-merge' mode which preserves texture quality further and allows higher resolution textures

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  2. SDIPro

    By:SDIProDec 7, 2019
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    Nov 26, 2019
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    Any idea when the editor pack will be available?