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Release Notes - 2019.1b43

Discussion in 'Blog' started by sinespace, Dec 12, 2019.

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  1. sinespace

    By:sinespaceDec 12, 2019
    Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2017
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    A full list of updates to our newest viewer!

    Hi everyone - Here's the list of all the bugs squished and features added since the 1b39 viewer; Take a look:

    Viewer Features

    • The "Friends" button at the bottom of the screen will flash if you have new pending friend requests
    • Tattoos can now be customised in the Outfit window with the Colour Picker button
    • The data from the Blend Shape slider in the Outfit window can now be saved
    Viewer Fixes

    • Clear cache tickbox defaults to on
    • Now Restoring Owners and Areas in Edit Room will work properly
    • Screenshot retarget/recompose buttons will activate composers/filters as necessary
    • Fix for unclosable windows
    • Renamed Focus to Target in Snapshot window
    • A temporary fix for reset quest -- now quests with autostart can only get reset outside the region which contains the quest.
    • MOBILE: Two finger tap screen will no longer cause a random camera rotation.
    • Switching the room template in Edit Room will now close all the Edit Room UI
    • VR: Enables MSAA in VR if AA is on, and Quality Lighting is off (or Enable Forward in VR is enabled).
    • Fixed an issue that Full avatar with patterns cannot show material by default when previewing in Shop
    • Made the X button on windows easier to press - the clickable area is enlarged by approx 50%
    • Fixed an issue with being unable to login to a region you own
    • Fixed an issue that in Welcome Centre the snapshot poses may still cause issues
    • VR: Temporary solution to fix foot trackers being mistaken for arm trackers
    • Fixed avatars skins not loading
    • Reworked threadpool access to avoid deadlock experienced by Spiral Silverstar (thank you for the report!)
    • Avatar LOD is raised for your own avatar (versus other avatars) except in extreme low-memory environments
    • The Chat window will only be shown while loading a region if the user has manually opened it
    • Fixed the problem that when you first open shop win and select a category, the first shop item price can't show correctly.
    • Fixed the display error on latest version button and language selection dropdown.
    • The mousewheel will now only work if the cursor is in the game window
    • Fixed an issue that counter quest will affect all users in the region -- now it will only affect single users who have accepted the quest
    • Adjusted the graphic setting presets for easier understanding of each setting
    • The Friends list now sorts by username
    • Changed the default color of metal smoothness to black to avoid light reflection issues in Unity 2018 client
    • Added a light source to preview camera in Shop preview to make sure it can be seen in darker regions
    • VR: Vive Trackers should work again when enabled in VR settings
    • Optimized the auto generated virtual camera for modular vehicle which doesn't have a primary camera
    • The Default login option will now say 'Welcome Centre'
    • Click to walk will only work on floor-like surfaces - it will no longer work on walls
    • Spawning a second vehicle will no longer effect the primary camera
    • Fixed a display issue with the Community window
    • Mobile controls are displaying in the scene as supersized objects
    Editor Pack Fixes

    • Adds new FactorWorldPosition to ClothingSquishFitter (defaults to ticked) to factor world position offsets before premorphing the mesh
    • Tweaks the placement of the 'Flip XY' toggle on the clothing rigger panel, Obj exporter tool will search for children too
    • Squashes a particularly obnoxious rigging bug with the 2019 avatar templates. Thanks, Trilo for the report! (note: this fix needs to be integrated into the standard autorig button, currently requires extra steps.)
    • Adds new ReweightFlipZY toggle to the clothing generator, this politely handles a flipped internal geometry
    • Adds DisableFly and DisableJump to the Animation Override section of clothing items, while worn these animations/controls will be disabled.
    • Adds SScene.FindID(..) for finding with a specified stable Global ID
    • Adds * operators to Vector3 on server scripting
    • Adds Bounds.Encapsulate to server scripting
    • Fixes protocol for parcel transmission to client
    • GetAllParcels instruction now reports how many parcels are there in the packet
    • Added .TimeSamples and .Samples to SAudioSource
    • CellParcel instruction that returns packets series that contain data of all parcels
    • Fix for LoadCustomAnimation on Statue components not working
    • Processing server patch - more gracefully handles UTF8 filenames
    • Allows library-based texture decoding to be switched off, in favour of Unity's method. Unity's method is considerably slower (and can cause stalls) but may improve stability for a subset of the userbase
    • Optimize the bulk upload method, please use with the latest SpaceUploaderGUI.exe.
    • Added error message for pattern in Editor Pack when pattern is using same id with the parent item
    • Adds support for plain meshrenderers for the template mesh in the premorph utility
    • Updates latest MicroSplat collection support
    • FIX: Adds new FactorWorldPosition to ClothingSquishFitter (defaults to ticked) to factor world position offsets before premorphing the mesh
    • Modular vehicles can now be uploaded with a scene/region

    Check back regularly for more updates!

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