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Release Notes - 2020.2b59

Discussion in 'Blog' started by sinespace, Sep 2, 2020.

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  1. sinespace

    By:sinespaceSep 2, 2020
    Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2017
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    All our updates and added features from 2b34-2b59

    Hi everyone,

    Let us first apologise for such a long wait between release notes, but we have been cramming in a ton of updates and new features for you since the 2b34 viewer, and here they all are!


    Viewer fixes

    • Fixed a seat issue which was causing users to disconnect if another user sat on the same seat
    • You can now change body parts size and position
    • Avatars no longer move in Edit mode
    • The hot bar will no longer display two notifications when you move an item to another empty slot
    • Item preview window will now show the item correctly, not off the screen
    • Name-tags on full avatars have been updated to fit above the avatar
    • Skin without ClothesCustomisationData can now be loaded properly
    • The ‘Stand Up’ button is no longer hidden if you are using windowed mode
    • You can now reply to a comment on a photo in your Photo Album
    • Animation on a non-humanoid avatar will no longer stop after playing a gesture
    • When you click on your avatar, interactions with other players will now be disabled
    Viewer features

    • Added a clickable ‘Bookmark’ button to the mini-map which creates a bookmark for your position in the region
    • Added Camera Settings button to the main UI

    Viewer fixes

    • Bookmarks can now be sent as an attachment through the in-world Mail
    • Owners can now duplicate the furniture placed down by the admin of their region
    • The Room Member Info window will now show the members role correctly even if the window has been made smaller
    • When auto-logging into webrtc, if you press ‘Ctrl’ the login window will no longer pop up
    • Gesture Lut and Audio will not affect other users in the same region anymore, only the users who are participating in the gesture
    • Gestures will now stop when you sit on a seat
    • The registration screen can be scrolled and dragged out
    • Currency will now refresh if you give another user a flower or a badge through the Profile window
    • Bookmarks now use the region name for the Bookmark name in the Inventory
    • Region names will now update after changes are made
    • When the avatar is disabled in Edit Room mode, pressing QWER will no longer move the camera back to behind the avatar
    • Fixed a bug with touchscreens where dragging left/right while in UI would still be interpreted as horizontal input
    • The Settings window will now change language if you have changed language on the main login screen.
    • Now the "Region info" button's text will change immediately when you change your region name
    • PlayerAvatar will pass username, title, company and job title info.
    • hasAvatarChanged is true when scroll value is modified.
    • Fixed the issue where the settings window may not change the language after changing language then logging in.
    • "Avatar Lut Effect" won't change back if there is no lut effect in the region.
    • Avatar Lut Effect works.
    • Chat will no longer scroll to the bottom when the user is scrolling back through chat history.
    • Mouse scroll effect zone should also exclude the position minus 0 to the current window.
    • Fixed an issue where add/remove admin will not take effect instantly for "only spawned by admin" condition.
    • Fixed an issue where you cannot use gestures while driving and you cannot drive while playing gestures.
    • Fixed an issue where drop down menus don't retract when clicking in another place.
    • Fixed game pausing in 2b54.
    • Renamed "Leave" to "Stand up" on seats.
    • Fixed an issue that combined chat message doesn't write in log.
    • Child objects of furniture can now be disabled correctly.
    • Audio will no longer overlap another audio track being played
    • All shortcut keys will not be triggered when: 1. any input field is focused, except single control key, other shortcuts won't be triggered too when control key is pressed.
    • Fixed a bug where moving the mouse from an item with tool tip which has many texts will make the tool tip position not display at the mouse position.
    • Optimized the tool tip display.
    • Fixed the issue where the window title is not changed with region name.
    • Added the name for Shoutcast window tab.
    • Added a condition to avoid when clothing has wrong submesh info, it may cause avatar fails in loading.
    • Changed text vertical overflow from Truncate to Overflow.
    • Optimized the control over the skin restore process.
    Viewer features

    • Clicking on a friend’s name in the Friends list will now open a pop up men
    • The voice chat indicator now has a fresh, new style
    • You can now drag Inventory items from the hot bar and change its position. Using the right mouse button, you can drag and remove the item from the hot bar.
    • We have updated our name-tags to have two versions; the first version is a simple one to show title and username, the second version shows title, username, company and job title. We also added a cool animation effect when you switch versions!
    • Linked OpenVR Toggles in Login UI and Setting window.
    • Added automatic ‘grid alignment’ snap nodes. Must be enabled by creator, but provides easy placement along arbitrary grid sizes.
    • Added Last visit, default & home selections to the arrive at menu in the login screen.
    • Now using the SCPE fog to override the Unity default one.
    Editor Pack fixes

    • Fixed bug where json.serialize was not working as expected in Lua.
    • Added an option in scene save settings where a user can select whether the fog will affect the skybox. Default will be false. NOTE: needs update server
    • Now you can change back to rigged cloth after attaching bones as an attachment.
    • Security improvements to scripting SwebService.GetImage.
    • Added additional animations Override slot for cloth item.
    • Added a full set of Override animations for pool Component. Note: Needs a server update to be used.
    • If splash sound is null, will not process the PlayClipAtPoint to avoid it spam generating the game object "One Shot Audio" in Editor Pack play mode.
    • Added "Clickables" layer to culling mask of item preview camera to make sure the old vehicles can be displayed normally.
    Editor Pack features

    • Server scripts now have support for libraries (requires processing server change to be deployed).
    WebRTC fixes

    • Added auto try reconnect function to keep stream stable when disconnect. Note: it may not cover all situations so there is still a possibility of disconnecting from the video source.
    • Now when you try to log into Preview as a guest, there will be a pop up to notify you that you can’t use a guest account for Preview

    Viewer fixes

    • Edit room won't be cleared if user enter a room-floor shared region. Now the advanced edit room window will only show the shared room floor for a user who has room-floor shared. Also, the edit room floor button will be hidden in this situation. And under the same situation, make sure the Floor owner name displayed correctly.
    • Changed some UI element's position to a more reasonable place. Disabled the switch button in Advanced room info window when you switch the area.
    • Fixed the issue that when you wear a item with only one flexible pattern the pattern picker will not show.
    • Made a fix for poor driver support on Mac OS when decoding video.
    • Region server scripts will now report line numbers in faults.
    • Fixed the viewer/editor frozen by the UMP bug.
    • Embedded Video now handles streams switching resolution properly.
    • The updated VLC libraries (Embedded Video) should now load properly.
    • Added a notification to "turn off LiveroomSkyManager" for the first time if the user wants to active Day Night Cycle component (will open the skybox window and turn off the override option automatically when user click ok button).
    • Made the VFX of registration template avatar after all avatar templates loaded to avoid material replace disorder issue.
    • Use Mac OS symbols for camera controls on OSX.
    • When playing a gesture with a target player, you will no longer see the blue ring.
    • Fix for video share returning to default webcam device after leaving screen share.
    • Fixed the text label being too short to show all text contents.
    • Fix for VR keyboard not showing up in Unity 2018 viewer.
    • Fix for issue where Agora microphone would default to on when it shouldn't be after changing channels.
    • Fixed the problem that when opening outfit window avatar would turn blue.
    • Fixed the issue caused by high polygons mesh when uploading from unity2018.
    • Sets streaming bit rate to between 2 and 20 mbit.
    • Fixed flipped images in streams.
    • Fixed streaming input issues.
    • Fixed streaming audio issues.
    • Sinespace window no longer has a semi-fullscreen window on startup on Windows; it will now be full screen.
    • Fixed screen resolution when in streaming mode.
    • Fixed shiny female skin on PC viewer issue.
    Viewer features

    • Added region name to browser title.
    • Added Mute all / Unmute all buttons to room/group info windows.
    • Advanced Edit Room tab now has a button to reset all transforms to the original state.
    Editor Pack fixes

    • Fixed an issue in flexible patterns.
    • Added an option for PlayAnimation, which only certain animation(seat, vehicle) will use the cache. This can avoid script-triggered gestures causing unwanted RestoreAnimation.
    • VideoShareRecorder should no longer cause exceptions in Editor Pack when the start/stop/toggle functions are called.
    • Fixes to VR teleporter.
    • Added styled graphic components.
    • Re-enabled ProbeDropPlane component in editor pack.
    Editor Pack features

    • New Lua SDKs for Audio Reactive Light/Animation/Material/Transform/Particle components
    • Audio Reactive components now have public Target variables.
    WebRTC features

    • Added WebRTC and graphic setting in config to control whether you enter WebRTC mode and the graphic quality under WebRTC mode. When you’re in WebRTC mode it will be default full-screen, the login ui will be the same as webgl, and the performance will be default highest at the first time.

    Viewer fixes

    • Fixed the issue where when you recolored a cloth and save it, it will turn back after you close the outfit panel without clicking the "save and close" button.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera tab would not populate on first opening in the snapshot window.
    • Fixed highlight effect on clickable items, when renderer has been disabled (on startup).
    • Fixed the UI order to avoid EDIT button be covered and cannot be clicked.
    • The user will now be notified if the avatar skeleton does not match when trying to use a wearable item with a costume.
    Viewer features

    • Added Social Media System in Profile Window.
    • Added reset scene objects functions in room edit mode.
    • Added support for alternate UI's to open main windows.
    • Added Allow Transfer field in item information.
    Editor Pack fixes

    • Screenshot layer elements will search for Canvas components on children, not just the same object.
    • Make ExcludeObject work on furniture

    That's all for now, but check back regularly for more updates!

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