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Release Notes - Preview 2018.9b28

Discussion in 'Release Notes' started by sinespace, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. sinespace

    By:sinespaceOct 9, 2018
    Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Hi everyone - this is the release notes for the 2018.9b28 release candidate (which is currently the preview release) - read on for the full list of changes since our last release notes (our 2018.7 release).

    Some of these have been available in our preview releases for a while now; if no further issues appear expect it to become a live release shortly.

    Changes & Improvements

    • Localisation: We now support three additional languages (with more to come): French, Japanese, and Chinese can be selected in the login screen. (German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian are coming in a future update)
    • Black Trees: We've fixed a long standing issue with trees turning black when billboarded into the background on Windows.
    • Scripting: Our JSON Parser has been taken out back and retired. Our new JSON Parser will behave better (or else...). Expect less JSON related bugs when using json.serialize calls.
    • Reflection Probes: Fixed an issue where realtime reflection probes were misbehaving.
    • SteamVR: SteamVR now more reliably toggles on/off, without launching SteamVR when OpenVR is disabled.
    • Settings Window: Various fixes relating to sliders and scrollbar sensitivity.
    • Scripting: Scripts can now share more complex types between scripts via the SShared functions.
    • Shop: Patterns sort so the newest are displayed first.
    • Performance: The 'Quality Lighting' toggle is now part of the Older Computer performance preset.
    • Archimatix: Adds new Archimatix Handles
    • Avatar Inspector: Fixed an issue with clothing not displaying in the Avatar Inspector
    • Room Editor: Holding the Alt key will allow you to place multiple copies of an item at a time.
    • Runtime Inspector: Enables the Inspector! (See our previous blog posts)
    • Male & Female Avatars: Updates to the general quality of our default avatars, adds additional sliders.
    • Male & Female Avatars: Default skin textures have been overhauled & improved (look lots better!). Shader has been tweaked.
    • Scripting: SGameObject.Avatar will now search children for the right component.
    • Avatars: We now use 4 Bones for skinning calculations in all performance profiles. Helps improve elbows.
    • Audio: Furniture and spawned items will now go into the SFX slider category
    • Avatars: We now recalculate normals with slider modifications to produce better lighting on morphed-out avatars.
    • Avatars: Eye darting ("Saccades") will no longer double-dart or freeze.
    • Gigaregions: Initial support for Gigaregions (blog post soon)
    • Flickr: The built-in flickr components have more options for customising which groups/feeds are shown. New Slideshow variant.
    • Scripting: Object ownership is now determined a bit better.
    • Space Navigator: Fixes some warnings when using on Linux (unfortunately only works on Mac/Windows for now)
    • Clickables: Improved handling of scripted and spawned Clickable items - multiple actions will produce a popup menu, instead of firing the default action.
    • In-Client Uploads: We now support in-client uploads of 'Furniture' 3D models. This is currently pending some additional work (and a tie to our new certified creator program) before being enabled to a wider group of users. You can upload personal-use models and textures from a wide variety of formats (FBX, Blend, OBJ, DAE and a lot more) directly from within the viewer.
    • Scripting: Debugging scripts using VS Code is fixed
    • VR: Improved some issues with rotation in VR (a overhaul of the controls is in progress as part of a larger controls update coming soon)
    • Avatars: Fixed a weird stretching bug (maybe!)
    • Scripting: Adds .Driver property to SModularVehicle to get an Avatar reference for the current driver.
    • Vehicles: Fixes a Imperial/Metric mix-up on the Speedometer component. (At least we didn't crash a Mars lander...)
    • Vehicles: Forces will now combine correctly in vehicle wheels; holding two keys will add forces, instead of using the last key pressed.
    • Inspector: Testing a new 'Add Component' feature in the Inspector
    • AudioReactiveAnimation: Adds a new option to override the specified Animation Controller Parameter
    • In-Client Script Editor: Testing a in-client script editor (will only work on the preview grid; live grid will have some API functions removed to ensure safety, you can still use those via the Editor Pack/Review process. May be tied to Certified Creator program in a future update.)
    • Facial Tracking: Improved performance of Facial Tracking system
    • Inspector/Room Editor: Fixed a bug where the Transform component could conflict with the Room Editors own placement mechanics
    • Scripting: Adds new Command Buffer API - you can now write your own custom Post FX shaders!
    • Scripting: Adds new error tracing system, some errors will now deliver a Lua stack trace. (in future all errors will do so)
    • Vehicles: Vehicles will now correctly synchronise their visibility for new arrivals in a region.
    • Friends: Deleting a friend will now require a confirmation.
    • Chat: New users will default to the New User chat, users older than 7 days will default to teh General chat channel.
    • URL Handler: We now have a sinespace:// URL handler which allows you to launch the client to particular regions, items in the shop and such. (See Office Hours blog post from last week)

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