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Shiny Things!

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Done something cool? Post a screenshot in here.
  2. Livio

    Livio New Member

    i did nothing but i try the forum editor :)
  3. Heya Adam,

    Tried to post a screenie that I parked at imgur.com just now, and the post got rejected due to 'spam or spamlike content' -- which when I think about it, makes a bit of sense; but it does beg the question, where should we host images we post to the forums, given the requirement that they be submitted as a URL?
  4. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    You can upload files directly into the forum threads. We've got a 5mb image size limit, but I could be convinced to increase that.
  5. That's awesome, let me see if I can use that to get an image in-line:
    It's a thumbnail, but it serves the purpose :D

    Thanks Adam!

    Will let you know if we start bumping our heads on the file size limits.

  6. Veron.Helstein

    Veron.Helstein New Member

    This is "Ghost Town". Straight from the asset store into Space by just adding a landing zone and unchecking the "Batching Static" option (thanks Adam ;))

    Region name is "forgotten"


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