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Feature Request Sinespace EP # visible somewhere in the editor

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Juliein3D, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Juliein3D

    Juliein3D New Member

    It would be super helpful to be able to see under your menu or somewhere in the editor the current EP I am using!
    AshaSekayi and Trilo like this.
  2. Trilo

    Trilo Member

    I agree - either as an 'about' item in the Space menu, or possibly just a version info text file that's included in the assets/spacepack root folder, it would be extremely helpful to be able to identify the current installed version of Editor Pack (9p9, 10p7, 10p8 patch 91, etc).
  3. AshaSekayi

    AshaSekayi Member

    I hope this gets added as well. It would be very helpful.
  4. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    This has been added in 10.9 (finally). New Menu item will show you the current version.
    AshaSekayi and Trilo like this.

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