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Feature Request Suggested default visual style for a teleporter

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Austin Tate, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Austin Tate

    Austin Tate Member

    I have mentioned before on the sinespace dev Skype group chat that I think it wlould be a great idea to establish a common (default) visual style for teleporters... something that people get used to seeing and know what they are even from a distance. Something simple and that stands out from a distance would be good. Adam and others have very kindly pointed me at Sample Art installed by the sinespace Unity package which can be used as a teleporter... but the one I have seen are quite elaborate and have quite a few objects in them. I took to using a simple capsule collider which I textured with a simple shimmering blue plasma effect.

    But on "The Delphi Talks" space that I visited recently I saw what I think would be an ideal sample/default visual style teleporter... using a simple blue shimmer and a rotating blue flash through it... it would be great if that could be provided in the sample Art as a default teleporter for people to use or adapt.


    I also love the bird object to indicate a flying tour is available.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
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  2. Kathryn Yer

    Kathryn Yer New Member

    Hi Austin

    If I am understanding this correct you mean the teleports we can add to our zone , forgive be if I am not understanding. At the monent creators can add teleports to almost any thing they want and add there own partical effects to make something they like and fits thier zone. I have nothen against a defualt style as long as it can be removed and replaced with what ever the creator wants in thier scene.

    Kind Regards
  3. Austin Tate

    Austin Tate Member

    Totally agree Kathryn.. I did not mean for it to be compulsory and having the scripts so they can add in to whatever style a creator chooses for their region is essential. I was just arguing for a simple bit of sample art ready set up as a prefab to be available in a shared style we can adopt if we choose to.
  4. Kathryn Yer

    Kathryn Yer New Member

    Ah sweet Austin. Thank you for clarifying :)
  5. pseudolukian

    pseudolukian New Member

    Hi, how about not using a default teleporter but using a teleporter Infopoint on the Minimal?

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