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Summer Festival Fun!

Discussion in 'Blog' started by sinespace, Aug 14, 2019.

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  1. sinespace

    By:sinespaceAug 14, 2019
    Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Summer's here!

    Summer is here and it's the perfect time to hold a festival in the sunshine! Sinespace is holding it's annual Summer Festival on the 17th-23rd August; There will be lots of live music, contests and fun! Here is an overview of the events scheduled:

    Summer Festival Schedule

    Saturday 17th August:

    • Sinespace Event Update - 6PM UTC/11AM PST - Hop into the Welcome Centre to celebrate the beginning of the festival with a quick update and a game of Greedy!
    • DJ Rosa at Guitarhalla - 8PM UTC/1PM PST - Music and fun with DJ Rosa
    • Libby live at The 381 Club, 10PM UTC/3PM PST - DJ Yer will be hosting Libertybelle Lyric live at the 381 Club, kicking off the celebrations!
    • Jay and Les at Ziggies, 11.59PM UTC/4.59PM PST - Jay and Les will be hosting a top-secret version of Ziggies Inside-Out
    Sunday 18th August:

    • Greedy Greedy: Official Sinespace Launch Party With Karsten Rutledge & Hamlet Au, 8PM UTC/1PM PST at the Welcome Centre - Come to play, come to dance, come to show off your style in the official launch of Greedy Greedy, the hit dice game from Karsten Rutledge (aka Joshua May)! Your MC for the show is Hamlet Au (aka Wagner James Au), who’ll interview Joshua and MC the activities.
    • DJ Yer at The 381 Club, 10PM UTC/3PM PST - DJ Yer will be keeping the dancing going with her mix of 80s music as well as a 'Be Seen in Green' contest! Wear the best green clothes and you could win 2000G for 1st, 1000G for 2nd and 500G for 3rd Place!
    • On the Broadwalk, Midnight UTC/5PM PST - Jay and Les entertain with 'On The Broadwalk' in the Welcome Centre.
    Monday 19th August:

    • Grudge with the Greedyman, 10PM UTC/3PM PST - That Greedyman will be back for another challenge at the Greedy tables in the Welcome Centre!
    • James Olmos live at Guitarahalla, 1AM UTC/6PM PST - James Olmos is live at Guitarahalla with his choice of songs which remind him of summer!
    Tuesday 20th August:

    • A Tribute to Woodstock at the Catacombs, Midnight UTC/5PM PST
    • Join your host Unruly Blues for ann open-air music festival inside at the Catacombs; come in and dance to festival music and take part in the “Best Peace-Lovin’ Hippie" competition! Dress your avatar in hippie styles and you could win 2000G for 1st, 1000G for 2nd and 500G for 3rd Place!
    Wednesday 21st August:

    • Grudge with the Greedyman, 8:30PM UTC/1:30PM PST - Did the Greedyman cheat you of your gold? Get your revenge and beat him tonight at the Welcome Centre.
    • DJ Rosa at Guitarhalla - 9PM UTC/2PM PST - Music and fun with DJ Rosa plus “Best in Beachwear” gold competition! Wear the best beachwear and win 2000G for 1st Place, 1000G for 2nd and 500G for 3rd.
    Thursday 22nd August:

    • Sinespace Beach Party, 10PM UTC/3PM PST - The beach party will be held at the Welcome Centre starting at 10PM UTC. Listen to music and play volleyball on the beach or dance away as three DJs play a special mix of music to a special light and fireworks display!
    Friday 23rd August:

    • Summer Fun Karaoke Party, 9PM UTC/2PM PST - A Karaoke party is being held at the Blue Lagoon! Belt out the best tunes and win 1000 Gold for the best song. (every entry wins 100 Gold for participating).
    • End of Festival Party, 11.59PM UTC/4.59PM PST - Closing the week of all the fun events, Jay and Les will be holding their 2nd Annual Summer Slam at Ziggies!

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