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Tips: How to get Fog Volume working (Whitelist Extension)

Discussion in 'HOWTOs' started by Adam, Apr 11, 2017.

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  1. Adam

    By:AdamApr 11, 2017
    Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 21, 2014
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    This tutorial covers how to get Fog Volume 3 working in your scenes.

    Be aware - FV3 is still a bit fragile; it can require some experimentation to get working correctly. You need at minimum the 4.11 viewer released today.

    Here's the basics:

    1- Create your volumes as normal. If the player is going to walk inside the volume, arcane magic may be required to get it to render the inner components correctly if they stretch past the draw distance in the scene.
    2- Use a post zone to set the 'far clip' / 'maximum camera distance' to a high value - FV's default scenes tend to use values around 15,000. You can however alter the distances & clip values inside FV itself, and I recommend doing so.

    Side notes, far clip distances:
    - Z value precision is a finite number of points (2^23 actually) between min and max. The higher the distance between your minimum and maximum - the more likely you are to have z-fighting issues.
    - Shadow precision will decrease the higher the far clip, generally I don't like going above about 5,000 in a scene.​

    3- Disable the FogVolume component. Space will recognise it and flip it back on by default when we find it (this is important), if you want it off (i.e. you're enabling it via a script), disable the parent game object instead.

    4- Delete any "main cameras" that exist in the scene that FV might have added. (the two it embeds below the FogVolume component as children are OK)

    5- Upload, it should behave.