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Water, water, everywhere

Discussion in 'General' started by James Stallings, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Greetings fellow Spacers

    I've recently come to a point in one of my region builds where I think I'd like to incorporate a bit of running water going down to the sea.

    I went exploring in the asset store, and found this stuff by 'fluvio' that I found to be rather less than what I'd hoped for by way of a demo/tutorial/example package.

    Generally speaking, I prefer to make such things myself, so I was looking for something I caould disect and learn with.

    Does anyone else have good waterfall resources, or even better does anyone have any good water effects documentation/examples/tutorials?

    Hmmm, probably shoulda searched the youtubes.
  2. So, there's a seriously good particle effects tutorial on youtube (no doubt there are many, but this one is excellent). It's a little complex in that it uses severl particle systems to get the job done, but it is comprehensible, accessible, and beginner level.


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