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Bug Report WebGL loads failing on 0.9.05

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Austin Tate, Sep 7, 2017.

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  1. Austin Tate

    By:Austin TateSep 7, 2017

    Jan 10, 2017
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    In all of Internet Edge, Firefox and Chrome I am getting errors popups and failing to get into regions I could previously access. I fail just after the login step and while the region is loading (in this case "Oil Rig" - webgl (34mb), android (18mb), win32 (19mb), ios (21mb))



    An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
    uncaught exception: abort(287) at jsStackTrace (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:27460)
    stackTrace (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:27631)
    abort (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:4:52194)
    x3W (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:61:388642)
    YfV (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:27:998385)
    DAB (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:17:404766)
    wOV (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:32:1589885)
    q3I (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:26:35609)
    wOV (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:32:1589885)
    uVW (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:61:333887)
    invoke_viii (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:398600)
    GtW (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:32:1836476)
    SiI (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:5:1122282)
    $9Q (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:9:477996)
    Ums (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:4:71747)
    IRW (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:61:305283)
    invoke_iiii (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:357365)
    Fvi (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:54:719492)
    Mzi (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:54:758228)
    L_a (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:40:1612)
    J_a (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:40:492)
    AUb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:45:1080894)
    xUb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:45:1079452)
    xUb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:45:1079750)
    CUb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:45:1081732)
    Suc (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:41:520936)
    LOb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:45:755319)
    rbb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:40:487486)
    ebb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:40:475456)
    wRW (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:61:303721)
    browserIterationFunc (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:49277)
    runIter (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:52369)
    Browser_mainLoop_runner (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:50814)

    If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.


    I was looking for a way to downgrade to the earlier versions bot for the desktop client and the WebGL version.. but cannot see that there is any way to do that, even as a test that this is the issue. the main installer downloads dynamically from the web and doe snot give the 175MB file in a way that is normally kept. I assume its placed in temp storage locally and then deleted after the install. But for the WebGL versions I assume its "take it or leave it" for the version you get (currently 0.9.05).
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  2. Adam

    By:AdamSep 8, 2017
    Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 21, 2014
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    We're looking into this at the moment - we should have another webgl build early next week which hopefully reduces the base memory requirements a bit.
  3. Austin Tate

    By:Austin TateSep 11, 2017

    Jan 10, 2017
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    Thanks Adam.