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What do you want to do with the SDK/scripting?

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    This is a open ended call - we're in the process of working on the SDK pending it's release soon, but we want to make sure we've got functions and functionality covering what you want to do with it.

    So, in here - please let me know, what you want to build (not so much how you want to build it - we'll work out the best most 'space-y' way of doing it, but what end product you want to end up with)

    If you have specific requests (e.g. scripts should be able to modify PostFX properties) I'll take those as well.
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  2. Two biggies for me are parachutes and sailboats. Also things related to swimming, diving (like scuba and such), and simulated waves/surfing.

    That last is a bit tough I know; for the best I've yet seen, see Heather Goodliffe's work, ca. 2006/2007 from SL.
  3. Rohan Freeman

    Rohan Freeman Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    You can use animation zones to override walk, run and idle animations in specific areas; so for instance when someone lands in the water they automatically swim and tread water instead of walking and standing.


    Adam: could there be a more dynamic relationship between this zone and the unity animation controller? e.g. the user creates an animation controller with their own array of triggers (which might include hover down, for instance, using their diving animation loop).
  4. Veron.Helstein

    Veron.Helstein New Member

    how about functions for tracking the visitors on your region, and a way to transfer data to the outside (maybe via http call).
    A function for setting the music stream inworld would be nice. As it is now the url is fixed I think?
  5. Livio

    Livio New Member

    simple manner for build animated props, as dance machines, sofa etc with multiple avatars and menu driven
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  6. ZareShadows

    ZareShadows Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    What you all think about option to control UI for certain elements like adding a health bar, stamina bar, ammo, temp inventory/bag etc for developing a game based region/RP region.
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  7. ennui

    ennui New Member

    Agreed, an http call mechanism to reach external ressources would be a very powerful and useful thing.
  8. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    HTTP/Outside mechanisms make some sense. I have a couple of thoughts here in no particular order:
    • Need to make sure that it doesn't allow for DDoS attacks
    • Need to ensure appropriate protections for privacy in client-side scripts (the majority of scripts I expect to be of the clientside versus serverside variety)
    • Any products sold through the marketplace need to not rely on external services (if they stop working, I don't want us dealing with the fallout, refunds, users complaining things don't work, etc)
    With those considerations in mind, I'm happy to implement something. They're powerful and I know there's a lot you might want to do with them.

    We do have APIs in place for storing/retrieving arbitrary data (per-player, per inventory item and per-region) which might be good for a lot of the use cases; if there's other use cases - I'd like to build in that functionality to minimise the hassle of the issues above, and leave the HTTP calls only as a requirement for really specialised things.
  9. This rather specific to my needs, but I have several nice kaleidoscope meshes that I place some of my fractals on. However, I need a simple texture rotation script for them to move and "amaze" folks, otherwise, not so amazing. :)
  10. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Oh, texture rotation can be done with existing animation facilities. No scripting required.

    You could probably also load a animator fractal generator into a custom shader already as well.
  11. Thanks, I'll look around for that!
  12. Teager

    Teager New Member

    Again, I'm hoping to use a white label plan to build a complete game based on the space platform, so my needs might be different than others. I would LIKE full or near-full integration with existing C# assets from the asset store, like particle systems, day/night cycles with scripted lighting, atmospheric effects, possibly even weather systems. But I expect that a lot of those things won't be compatible. Of those, the one thing I feel it would be beneficial to include with Space by default would be the ability to customize a day and night cycle.

    I'm planning to make a horse game with focus on breeding, riding, training, and competing your horses with other players. Some things I intend to create would include...
    • a more fully featured pet breeding system with complex, true-to-life algorithms for color genetics, breed, and unike skills of each pet
    • the ability to browse pets other users have listed as available for public breeding, send breed requests, and automate payment to the appropriate user
    • various styles of training and multi-user competition in different games that track where your horse is, how fast you're going, what you're bumping into and knocking over
    • adjust your horse's skill level based on stats that can be modified through training
    • control the unique shape of each horse with animations and blendshapes
    • reward training sessions with silver as well as xp
    • automate security, scores, and rewards in multi-user competitions
  13. An implementation of a swarm algorythm for controlling a flock or two of birds might be nice, with a flock's parameters exposed in the inspector
  14. If there were a gravity option, this could also do herds
  15. cybertwigs

    cybertwigs New Member

    Simple scripts that can be accessed and modifed by the average user,

    like "receiving" mailboxes, sound toggling/changing, customized dialog menus, user-triggered lighting, user responsive animation of objects, ways to view/read text/media triggered/controlled by users. Swarm scripts and particle systems definitely open up a lot of creative options especially if they can be tweaked for different scenarios.
  16. Adam

    Adam Developer Staff Member Moderator

    I should probably quickly note here -- a lot of that stuff you can do without scripting using Event Actions. Components like the ProximityActivator and ClickableActivator can do that, as well as events fired from Canvas UI systems. No scripting required. :)
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  17. cybertwigs

    cybertwigs New Member

    . :;if they are going to be something most users would like to use at some point, it might come in handy to have them in ready-to-tweak easy "prefab kits" or something.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017

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