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"You must wear at least a pair of pants" when testing pants

Discussion in 'General' started by Genetic Drifter, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Genetic Drifter

    Genetic Drifter New Member

    Doing a quick test on a pair of leggings. I selected pants as clothing category. Loaded up to server. When I try to save outfit, I get warning about "You must wear at least a pair of pants".

    Seeing as I have them uploaded as "pants", I don't understand why I can't continue.

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  2. Mark J Yinger

    Mark J Yinger New Member

    You set them to be listed in the market under the pants category. Did you make sure you checked that they use the correct points on the avatar. This should be changed. But currently if you are not wearing something occupying the chest and pelvis attachment points. It will not allow you to create or wear an outfit even if the region you are in is rated adult.
  3. Genetic Drifter

    Genetic Drifter New Member

    Yes, I left the slots empty. I see, cheers Mark :).

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